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    Server crash help needed

    I need some serious help with this crash report since I don't know what causes it and neither do I understand the whole crash report at all. is the error report. Help would be great to see what the problem is so I can fix so it won't happen again. Thank you.
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    Open Server 64-Bitcraft | Unleashed v.1.1.3 | Biomes'O'Plenty | No Whitelist | PvE | GriefPrevention | 30 Slots

    64-Bitcraft! Server IP = =-=-=- Information -=-=-= Come and join us at 64-Bitcraft, we've got a small but yet amazing community with loyal and nice staff. 64-Bitcraft is a PvE Server and has a MiningWorld. The MiningWorld, Nether, Twilight and the End will reset weekly...