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    Fun things in TiC!

    I've seen some really... interesting things in the newest version of TiC. For example, Pig Iron! It's been in the dev version for a while, but that doesn't matter. ^^ Pig Iron has something called the "Tasty" modifier. I don't know what it does yet, so does anyone have any info on that trait...
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    Never Underestimate Small Boilers!

    I hooked up a 1LP boiler to a Hobbyist Steam Engine, which powers a MultiFarm, right? Well, at full heat, a 1LP boiler will burn a bucket of fuel for 243038 ticks, or a little over 202 and a half minutes. A 1HP boiler will also burn a bucket of fuel for 121519 ticks, exactly half the LP boiler...
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    Forestry Trees

    I've been poking around, and I've been on a testing world, and wondering, is there an Imprinter for trees? That would be super useful, and I haven't found one yet. Has anyone seen of something similar to this? I don't think Extra Trees has machines/serums for trees yet.
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    Plot Generator

    Check this generator out: You can make some seriously funny plots with it. xD
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    (Unleashed) The Abstract Challenge Map [WIP] [Skyblock]

    Hi everyone! So, yesterday was my birthday (August 19th), and I decided to give back to the FTB community as MY present to YOU guys. This is exactly what the title says: a challenge map. Yes, yet another skyblock challenge map. Sorry. I couldn't help but put my own little twist and flair on...
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    Let's See Your Fusion Reactors!

    Alright, everyone! I wanna see some GT/Atomic Science fusion reactors! I was thinking about making one, but am unsure, so I would like to see everyone else's automated setups. So, who has the most reactors? :D EDIT: Might I also remind everyone to keep it clean, and please keep the GT/Atomic...
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    Is there anything wrong with this?

    I have my quarry set up as shown, and items fly out at random when it reaches the silver chest. The chest still has a lot of room in it still. I have it hooked up to a tesseract (not shown) at my main base. My question is, why are there items popping out? Edit: Aw, look at that sunset. I'm...
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    Windows .exe RedPower 2 Frame Crash in SMP

    Hi! Whenever I try to join my friend's server, I get this crash: ( I can't remember very well, but I think I may have logged off on top of a frame machine, so that may be the problem, but I can't be sure. Has anyone else encountered this before? Any help would be...