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    Open Server Engineertroops|Swedish|DW20-1.7.10-1.0.3|No-greif|PVP|24/7|Plugins|Teamspeak|Mature Owner|

    Welcome to Engineertroops! Location: Sweden The people who already plays here are nice and we have a welcoming atmosphere. Instead of greifing and stealing we share if we can. The protection on the server keeps most of the problems away. The servers uses bukkit plugins to keep track of things...
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    Whitelist Server Engineertroops|Swedish|DW20-1.6.4-1.0.23|No-greif|PVE|24/7|Plugins|Teamspeak|Mature Owner|

    Welcome to Engineertroops! Location: Sweden EDIT!! We use whitelist, so you have to email if you like to play [email protected] Name, age country and ofcourse your mc-name. It's a small swedish server, but powerful, like the country. We like to keep it small and personal, The people...