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  1. xbony2

    Open 1.8.2: [2.0.2][Expert mode]

    Version: 1.8.2 What is the bug: Line 103 of Botania.zs misspells "Equipment" as "Equiptment". Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix:
  2. xbony2

    Open 1.8.2: [Expert mode] Forgotten disablation of Rune of Augmented Capacity

    Version: 1.8.2 What is the bug: The Rune of Augmented Capacity has a hardcore recipe added for, but the normal recipe is not disabled. I assume this is a bug. This is actually version 2.0.2, but the forum will not allow me to put that in. Mod & Version: log...
  3. xbony2

    Mod Development Section?

    I feel will should have a section for discussion of modification development, since there are many mod authors that are active on these forums, like Reika and Covert. It would be nice to discuss stuff like standards and whatnot.
  4. xbony2

    Mod Updating to 1.8 Progress Spreadsheet

    A while ago, I started working on a spreadsheet to show the progress of mods as they update (or don't update!) to 1.8 MC, as inspired from this old one. Thanks to @portablejim it's now a website! Yes, I realize this is really early, especially since 1.8 hasn't official even come out yet. I'm...
  5. xbony2

    Update to MCPE

    Well, I just updated to the newest version of MCPE, and what do ya know... DIREWOLF WARNED ME ABOUT THIS!!! (This is in my warehouse, my MCPE world is super huge and awesome)
  6. xbony2


    I swear I'm dreaming, or Eloraam is back. She made new tweets regarding the EULA. Seriously, check it for yourself.
  7. xbony2

    Modpacks on wikipedia

    So anyways, on the Mod (video gaming) wikipedia page, I added a section to talk about modpacks. It's pretty groovy. I feel the community here should help define what a modpack is, not just a bonehead like me. So someone smart and less lazy add on to that section :P
  8. xbony2

    Introducing: Applied Energistics 2

    Yeah...In the meantime, I shall update my flash so I can watch youtube videos on my computer >.<
  9. xbony2

    Buildcraft has (more) awesome features

    Some of this looks pretty cool to me. I don't know what the people who think buildcraft is dieing are talking about. :)
  10. xbony2

    Spacetoad is back to modding

    I was on twitter, and spacetoad said he would be back to modding. This seems like big news to me. Cheers for Spacetoad.