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    Whitelist Server Monster 1.1.1 (whitelisted) EU Server

    IGN:11philip22 AGE:16 ABOUT YOURSELF:i realy like to automate stuff MOD EXPERIANCE:i have played ftb since it came out
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    Whitelist Server SubConGaming[FTB-Ultimate][Whitelist][16+][32Gig Ram] UK sever

    hello i would like to apply for your server. my user name is 11philip22 and i am 16 years old. i live in the netherlands my aims on the server are: optain and sell fuel i started playing minecraft 2 years ago i play every day
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    Can't reach server problems

    it is possible the server cant reach you
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    WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

    its verry normal you get a memory increase when you load a dimension but 10 procent is a litle much. to make your ftb run more smooter use this java argument: -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
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    Can't reach server problems

    then its server side
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    Direwolf20 Pack - Installing Additional Mods

    do you install the mod using the launcher
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    Can't reach server problems

    do you get this problem on all the servers you try
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    Can't reach server problems

    what does mc says when you try connecting
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    automating thaumcraft

    can you kill giant zombies and wisps whit mffs ?
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    automating thaumcraft

    i want to make a warded stone facktory
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    automating thaumcraft

    is there a way to automate thaumcraft because im making a facktory that can produce almost every item possible whit uu matter and other infinite sources
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    End Farm

    if you are in the end you can make the enderman spawn on presure plates that activate a piston that push them over te edge and make them fall here is a vid
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    End Farm

    if you have a tier 5 spawner you can let the enderman fall to death you can pick up the items using filters or obsidian pipes
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    Trying to change config files on FTB 1.5 Beta

    do you have the crash log
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    Mod to help to create a mod pack.

    try this mod
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    The Feed The Beast Apocalypse

    witch version of the invasion mod do you use
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    Vanilla to FTB server questions

    Try using mcedit
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    Building techniques and styles

    here is a pic of my uu matter piramid
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    oil mystcraft idea