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    The forums randomly logs me in and out

    What it looks like from my perspective: 1. Click on any thread, or another subforum, now I'm logged out for some reason. 2. Next click, I'm logged in again. 3. Next click, logged out. I keep the "stay logged in" checkbox checked.
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    6GB in logs and crash reports

    So I've been having some technical problems in my latest Blood and Bones playthrough (something causes the java app to take over the entire cpu and memory). Now I look into the BnB folder, and what do I find... 6GB of this stuff. The log.78 alone is 488MB. What do I do with it? Is it safe to...
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    How do I keep animals from spawning?

    On BeeHappy skyblock, animals keep spawning on grass blocks in my base. It's driving me nuts... How do I stop it? I've bonemealed everything around my base, so they can't spawn there. That leaves the grass blocks that I want to keep clean, and they won't stop spawning. It's a constant flood of...
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    Half a tree

    How did this happen, I don't even.
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    Firefighter (golem?)

    What options are there to extinguish spreading fires? Like when you build something out of wood and want to have a fire next to it. I'm thinking like an Everfull Urn, which only extinguishes players on fire. Maybe there should be a golem core that could do that. With a water upgrade the golem...
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    Thaumcraft alchemy golem

    Any idea why it is running in circles instead of being useful? The guides I've seen say you need to mark one jar like this and then it'll find where to store the essentia.