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    automating thaumcraft

    is there a way to automate thaumcraft because im making a facktory that can produce almost every item possible whit uu matter and other infinite sources
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    automatic breeder reacktor

    hello, does any body know a good design for a automatic breeder reactor
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    ftb goes whitescreen after updating gregtech

    i have updated my gregtech but when i start ftb i get a whitscreen after the mojang logo no crash screen or crash report
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    new gregtech fussion reacktor

    I have heard about the new gregtech fussion reacktor but i cant find any informati on about it. Does any body know how much power it outputs or what cells you need to put into it
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    Windows .exe i have a strange connection issue

    when i join the server hosted on my own computer i get this internal error Address family not supported by protocol family: connect
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    my blocks are showing strange texures

    every time i install a new mod the texures are verry strange can sombody please help my (sorry for bad english im from the netherlands)