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  1. Feed the Beast

    New App News and Expanding the Team.

    WTF Umbra Come onto TS and say hello.
  2. Feed the Beast

    New App News and Expanding the Team.

    It has now been just 8 days since we launched the new FTB and for what may be the first time in the history of FTB, I want to talk a little bit about stats. (This next bit is likely to be more than a bit boring, so feel free to skip to the next section if you have no interest in stats.) As an...
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    This feature is not added yet, however it is on the roadmap for the future. However for now you can just download the modpack that you are playing on twitch, on the new FTB launcher. Then copy your save file from one instance to the other. However this should be getting resolved in the future.
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    Ill have someone look at this today.
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    This should show up on the launcher in the next few days. There was an error when it was uploaded that needs to be fixed.
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    This is being looked at, but for right now you can right click and save as to fix this problem.
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    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    TLDR FTB App Beta released today. FTB Omnia (First FTB Kitchen Sink Pack released today) Downloads available at So it has been several months now since we made the announcement that we were going to start working on an upgraded version of the FTB App. With this...
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    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending. The current contract was scheduled to run out on October 31st and twitch have decided not to renew it. I have no further information with regards to the contract renewal. With regards to the content that we...
  9. Feed the Beast

    FTB Continuum Release

    FTB Continuum FTB Continuum is an expert style modpack packed with some of the latest tech mods by Feed the Beast! Majority of the recipes and intended progression that you are used to has been changed. Continuum introduces new, never before used mods to make things even more difficult and...
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    April News

    Minefaire Los Angeles FTB will be at Minefaire Los Angeles April 14th and 15th. We'll be running a tournament with a custom built modded challenge map. The map will also be released publicly after the convention. FTB Continuum We're making good progress on Continuum and, while we don't have...
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    March News

    Modpack News We are happy to announce the release of the FTB Pyramid Reborn, a brand new challenge map with a similar concept as the original FTB map released 6 years ago. Play by yourself, with or against your friends. Available now on the Twitch app and the FTB launcher. Included in the...
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    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    What do you look for in a quest based modpack? We have recently started development on several new mod packs, one of which has taken a new direction in the last couple of days that has encouraged me to come directly to the community to seek input with regards to how we go about creating it...
  13. Feed the Beast

    February News

    The pack has been ripped apart and its slowly being put back together, similar how Infinity Evolved, expert mode was developed. With the changes in 1.12 Minecraft, the process for doing this takes a bit more time as the client has to be restarted after major changes and also we are focusing on...
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    February News

    Modpack News We're making progress on Continuum and hoping to have an alpha on FTB One this month. Launcher News Curse is migrating their servers and web sites from one place to another and since most of our infrastructure is hosted by them, it's having a bit of an impact on us as well. The...
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    Incoming Downtime

    We are expecting a downtime on our forums tomorrow (Feb 1st) for about 3 hours starting at 10pm UTC This is to enable us to migrate our forums onto new hosting facilities. During this time you will be unable to access any areas of the forums. In addition you may see temporary downtime on our...
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    December News

    Modpack News We were aiming to release Continuum, our 1.12 expert pack, before Christmas, but unfortunately, as we started to get into the development, we realized that we needed more time to put out a quality expert pack. So we are taking a step back and instead working on a kitchen sink pack...
  17. Feed the Beast

    November News

    Modpack News Development is progressing on our expert mode pack for Minecraft 1.12. We have settled on the name FTB Continuum and are starting testing this week. As usual, there's no release timeline. We are also developing the 1.12 version of Direwolf20's pack which will likely release much...
  18. Feed the Beast

    Horizons III Release

    It's been quite some time since we released a full pack, so we're extra excited to officially announce the return of Horizons. Like the previous editions of Horizons, this modpack focuses on the lesser known mods that aren't often included in FTB packs. The vast changes of the modded...
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    October News

    Modpack News We have released a new map for our SMP retro 1.2.5 pack. Due to it being an extremely old pack, it is only available on the legacy launcher. A new, 1.12 version of our Horizons modpack is in development. Like in it's previous iterations, this pack is designed to showcase mods...
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    August News

    Modpack News In conjunction with aaronhowser1, we're proud to announce that we have added HQM quests to the expert modes of Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock. More than two hundred quests guide you through the intracacies of expert mode from chopping your first tree to crafting...