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    Whitelist Server Small Server | 1.7.10 | Mechanical Titan Pack | Slots Open

    Application: IGN:Void_Soul_Reaper Age:16 Time Zone: UTC+1 How often will you be online? atleast 1-4 hours a day Skype (If you have one) Basse Aka Soul Reaper If we got a teamspeak server would you use it? Yush would use it A bit about yourself: Im from sweden and I like to game I mostly play fps...
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    Private Pack TechnicallyFun | 1.7.10 | Techinallyfun V6.0.0 | Whitelist

    *ING:Void_Soul_Reaper Or basseboy1337 i have recently changed name so :P *First Name:bastian *Country you live in?;Sweden *Age:16 *How long you have been playing FTB?: Since It Started What is your favorite mod in TF?: None Your least favorite?: None Did you watch the overview video?: There is...
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    Whitelist Server Phoenix Reborn | Full Featured & Light Pack | Fast Whitelist | Professional | Friendly {UgLounge}

    Age:16 In-Game Username:Void_Soul_Reaper (i think thats my new name my old one is basseboy1337 Do you agree to the rules? Yes I Agree to all of them
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    [1.7.10] KoretexKomplete - V1.4.0 - 211 mods! [Stable] True Flagship modpack experience

    I seem to get some kind of crash when i try to load the pack i dont get any error messages the game just quits
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    Whitelist Server ZexCraftEU [TPPI 1.1.2+ Galacticraft] [24/7] [Friendly] [Mature] [EU hosted] [Small]

    IGN:basseboy1337 Age:16 How often do you play? almost everyday Tell us about yourself I've been playing minecraft since alpha and started playing around with mods in beta then later decided to try vanilla again but im felling for modded yet again and Im looking for a small server to play and...
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    Private Pack Infiniti Server | 1.6.4 | White-List | Custom Pack & Launcher | 24/7 Dedicated Server | Mature

    IGN: basseboy1337 Have you been banned before (if yes then why): Cause I Was Being Honest And The Admin Just Banned Me xD Age (This will not affect your application, please be honest):15 ill be 16 in december FTB Experience: I have Medium Experience Why do you want to join our server?: Cause im...
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    Whitelist Server [DEAD] Direwolf20_1_5 v1.1.3 [Bukkit | Essentials | Mumble | 32GB RAM]

    * Your IGN:basseboy1337 * Some words on who you are or why you want to join:i want to join a server with alot of player that i can play with :3 * How much you are going to play? as much as i can * Do you have experience with the mods? i know almost all of them (not all) * Your age (optional but...
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    it says im not whitelisted :(

    it says im not whitelisted :(
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    Private Pack Somaren: 1.5.2 With Nerfed Gregtech! 50+ Slots, Whitelisted! Simple Frames Beta!

    IGN:basseboy1337 Have you ever been banned from a server? If yes, why? No If I Have Been Banned I Dont Know About It Have you ever played with FTB before?Yes Why do you want to join this server?I want to join because i want to make new friends and have alot of fun building with them :3
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    Private Pack Gaming!Craft - 1.5.2 [Whitelisted] | BC/IC2/TC3/ArsM/TE/GregTech [100+ Mods] | [Frequent Updates]

    Name:Bastian IG-Name:basseboy1337 Age:14 Ill be 15 this year in december Banned before?: No. Link: Why do you want to join?:Because ur server seems awesome and i want to join Anything else you want to tell...
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    Whitelist Server Orphicraft FTB | Ultimate 1.0.1 | Whitelist |Economy | Grief Prevention | Friendly | 24/7

    Minecraft Username:basseboy1337 Have you ever been banned? If so, why: Nope i have not been banned What do you plan to contribute to the server? To be a Friendly player and help other Players Do you have any previous experience with FTB? If so, what? Yes i know alot but not everything in...
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    Whitelist Server Paulix FTB! [Mindcrack v7] [Teamspeak3] [Whitelist] [EU]

    Age:14 and 15 this year IGN:basseboy1337 Why you would like to join us? Because i whould love to join a small community You acknowledge that breaking any of the rules above will result in a ban:Yes i do You acknowledge that this server is on HARD mode:Yes and i love hard mode Will you use the...
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    Whitelist Server Nuclear Alliance [FTB Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Survival] [Essentials]

    IGN:basseboy1337 Age:14 Whitelist link: Why do you want to join the server: i have been looking for a mature server and this server looks awesome :D Will you be active:Yes i will as soon as i get home from school i...
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    Whitelist Server [1.4.6 V7] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name:basseboy1337 Age&Location:14 Sweden Have you ever been banned from a server: (Yes i have For spamming) Why would you like to play TMCraft: Because i have been looking for a good server to play on and this looks like an awesome server :D
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    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN:basseboy1337 Age:14 Why you want to join:because i want to join a good server :) Anything else:im good at redstone