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    Energy conduits

    I understand that leadstone energy conduits have a can hold a maximum of 480 RF. Each input can accept 80 RF into a line of conduits. My question is about output. Is the maximum output per connection also 80RF? Which would allow 6 separate outputs of 80RF each. Is this correct? So this would...
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    Itemduct default

    I have a question about Itemducts filtering. When I pop one down and place the servo, what are the default filtering options set at? If I click the whitelist/blacklist -- which is it on? same with the other options. If I hover over the button, is the displayed text what it is going to switch to...
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    ID Dump

    Is it possible to get an ID dump outside of the game? ala NEI type dump in order to identify conflicts that are preventing launch or are giving conflict errors on load?
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    Redstone Energy Conduits

    I upgraded some components on my computer and had to do a fresh install of monster (keeping my world save) Now all my redstone energy conduits have disappeared. They are there, providing power and collision, but they are invisible. Any ideas?
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    Replacing textures...

    Is changing a texture in a particular texture pack as simple as replacing the old texture with the new texture, ensuring of course that the texture name is still the same? Or is there some pointing from a file that needs to be changed as well? Also, how to handle the wall of red text in the...
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    FTB Unleashed Solar Panels?

    After the last push, the solar panels are no longer producing energy. I dismantled my small array and all the tin cable and rebuilt and they still do not want to produce energy. I checked with an EU meter and am getting no EU. I have 4 panels leading into a batpak. They do not power any of my...