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    (vanilla or modded) The desert survival challenge

    Rules: Don't leave the desert There shouldn't be any animals, but if there are, you may only shear sheep or milk cow or collect chicken egg (or saddle a pig, or a horse, ect. no harming them, you need to find your food from villages) You can use /setworldspawn to make sure you spawn back in the...
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    Question: what is the best software for video recording?

    Title says it all, what should i use to make videos?
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    I'll be back

    It seems like this forum has lost its spark. No news for over a month. Nothing in the showcase. Really all that's left is werewolf. And it is hard to get on every day. For now, let's just say "I'll be back. I will still check in, but I'll probably be fully returning sometime in february.
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    New Lands (1.7.10)(unlisted)

    New lands is a pack about making minecraft worlds seem more "alive". Based around plants, animals, biomes, and ores, new lands will make your world more interesting. Pack code: DragonNewLands Other notes: BoP biomes will generate in highlands worlds, so use them if you want everything.
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    Show off your battles won with magikarp!

    I've done it. whoever has the most wins!
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    Townwolf: Game thread

    Game sheet: Current members: If you are not on this list do not speak. SoraZodia Someone Else 37 StrikingWolf HeilMewTwo lenscas fowltief VikeStep 016nojr Theepic5 Sgbros1 LivingAngryCheese
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    Townwolf sign-up

    Yep... due to popular request, lack of people and technical issues this is a normal game. I assume everyone from my last game, and maybe a couple more will sign up. Game sheet: Current members...
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    Unawarewolf sign-up game sheet: simple game, just kill a person who i have selected. every day 1 person at random will get a hint :D
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    Infinity replay

    I decided to play infinity again, and WOAH!!!
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    Pokemon favorites

    who can make the longest list of their favorite pokemon? Note: if your list is long (over 20) don't spam. link us to a list. or use spoilers So I'll Start i guess: My gen 1 favorite list: Current record: @dragon_fang101 with 21! @HeilMewTwo for most convincing speech
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    [Unlisted] Magical Automation

    This is the thread for all updates discussion ect. of Magical Automation. Description: The world of magic is very vast, but there is something missing. That would be automation of course. Even the greatest wizards wished there were a faster way. Pack Version: 1.0.3 Pack Code: LoganCatnip1...
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    Signature Banners

    here will be a list of banners for signatures. Tinker's Construct: Paste This code: <a href=""><img src='' /></a> MineFactoryReloaded: BiblioCraft: <a...
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    forestry crash

    Title: forestry crash Launcher Version: 1.6.48 Modpack: custom Modpack Version: 1.7.10 Log Link: Details of the issue: Something wrong with forestry, how do I fix?
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    StarCraft [WIP]

    so every Wednesday for ~ 2 hours I do some modding, and I had a great idea for a space-themed mod. Basiclly you can craft miniture stars, then use the accelerator machine to turn them into black holes. the stars will be usefull, and give you hard to get items.
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    Save Pyure Conglomerate sign-up

    Save Pyure! Why? Because he did nothing wrong! Our banner:
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    My Crash Landing World

    So I was bored, so I decided to replay some of my favorite packs. Enjoy :D
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    [WIP][HQM]The Plains Of Death: Over 140 mods!

    So I'm working on a superflat survival pack, and this is where I'll post any updates! This is meant to be a tutorial pack, so most configs are the default, or slightly easier.
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    So my mod journal world is being annoying. I'm considering never playing 1.8 again on any world just to be safe. but anyways, 6 months ago I joined. about a week later Jadedcat retired. one of my favorite modpack authors quitting was not the best welcome. since then this forum has become a big...
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    Modding API: good or bad?

    We are all looking forward to the modding API that will make things so much easier. But will it really be so great? With this API anyone could make a huge popular mod like botania, with little effort/experience. This could make things a lot harder for current modders. Also, it won't be much of...