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    Changing lava to water using COFH core

    I have been trying to make it so when a world generates, all water under level 64 is turned into lava. I though it would be fairly simple... I have tried a ton of different things and I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried with other blocks and it works. "lava": { "template"...
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    Awesome Stuff

    Just wondering, on a scale from 1-5, how awesome is this image of a modpack title. I wish I could say I made this myself, but there is no way I'd even get close to making something like this. I made it on this website
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    Request Portal gun for 1.7.10?

    Is there a mod that adds portal guns/ gravity guns in 1.7.10? It doesn't have to be exactly like Ichun's mods. Just wondering if said mod exists. This website has a download for a 1.7.10 version of Ichun's mod, but I am extremely hesitant about...
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    Nightcore Anyone?

    Anyone here listen to nightcore? If so post your favorite songs. My current ones are: These are just my current ones. I have around 400 nightcore songs in playlists on I'm playing nightcore 40% of the day there, if you wanna pop by.
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    Annoying Stuff You Have Done

    So, today I've had an off day. I spent 40 minutes trying to get this minetweaker recipe to work. Just look at my stupidity.. recipes.add(<proj:Red.core:projectred.core.part>,[null,<minecraft:stone>,null],[null.null,null],[null,null,null]]...
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    JVM Arguements

    In the interest of me optimizing stuff, what are some good JVM arguments. (Meaning I have no clue what they actually do, I just know where to paste them)
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    [1.7.10][TECH][NO RF OR EU] Industrialization

    The pack code is "industrialization". Ever want to go back to go back to the original modpack times, but still maintain the ingenuity, features and content of the current times? Ever want to have gameplay that has more too it than just plopping down some basic engines, but without the grind...
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    Crash Help

    I crashed and have no clue what went wrong. I assume it has something to do with WAILIA, but other than that, no clue. These are the mods I was playing with.
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    Obsidian pic level with igunana Tic tweak in under 20 minutes?

    So, I started a map with a custom modpack. In less than 20 minutes I got an obsidian pic. Apparently shades drop obsidian and enderpeals.. I threw it out because of progression, but still ironic. This is your daily just normal fact.
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    Bonjour Amigos

    Yes, I purposely used french and Spanish in the title. Well now... I left minecraft (personal stuff) for a bit about 6-7 months ago and during the 1-2 months I wasn't really playing mc, I managed to get banned from the modded survival server I used to play on, and lose all the files on my...
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    Minetweaker help

    Yea, ive never used minetweaker before and i need some help. I read the lesson 1 and 2 tutorials on there website. Im using the minetweaker3 1.6.4 3.0.3 version OK, so what im trying to do is a simple i guess, all i want to do is remove the all crafting recipes for 36 items that break the game...
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    OpenEye mod

    When i was trolling the minecraftforums i came across this mod. It helps with crashes and things but looks extremely useful. Just letting people know about it.
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    What does this log mean

    I crashed and i have no clue what the log means.
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    Multiworld type mod

    Im making a modpack and i have this really cool world generation set up. I also want to have BOP but when i add BOP to the world generation it really messes everything up. So basically i am looking for a mod where i can add dimensions or other worlds that are assessable from the same save. This...
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    I dunz no what to do

    Jk lol no i may be a noob in many things but not this.... But yea I'm trying to make a custom mod pack for me and some close friends and as i was adding mods by 3-4s and testing them to fix basic ID conflicts i started up forge and everything and everything was good. I created a new world and i...