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    Whitelist Server Phoenix Reborn | Full Featured & Light Pack | Fast Whitelist | Professional | Friendly {UgLounge}

    Age:15 In-Game Username: ChaosAgentGG Hellz to the yeahz do I agree to the rules! :P
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Banned for being confusing.
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Banned for wasting your words.
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    Right ok thanks ill work on getting cursed earth i assume it works the same way as it would with a division sigil but works without?
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    I was using 2.0.3 (well i still am) when it happened. Only happened once just wanted to see whether it was worth sending a bug report but it might just be a derp on players part but i dont know i fell out the world when it did it to me with questbook in hand (Damn skeleton). Anyway. Anyone know...
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    Just thought i would ask because i didnt find anything while looking and didnt want to go submit bug reports without checking if theres a fix in a later version but i died a few days into my agrarian skies map and quest book seemed to reset anyone else seen this happen at all?
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    Open Server CeltsCraft | UNLEASHED 1.1.7 | Open | PvE | GriefPrevention | iConomy | MythicDrops | ChestShop Grief prevention addon might help bump down that ban list :) check this out.
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    Hey GB :P thought i would let you know on versions it still says unleashed :P
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    Whitelist Server New Crazycraft | Unhinged 1.1.0 | 20 Slots | EU |

    Application IGN: TheBennyBoyJr Age: 13 Country: England Why would we want you?: Im skilled with some mods and looking for a challenge that unleashed couldnt provide I'm aware that BoP and UB are enabled: Yup used both mods before and love them :)
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    Casual Server Small Unleashed Server

    Ign: TheBennyBoyJr Age:13 Location: England (Uk) If bringing people, how many? : Sorry none as it stands I am looking for a small server to start on and hope yours might be the one :)
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    Omega Dawn - Config Private Mod Pack (1.5.2)

    Yeah ape sent me it, he told me to install it another way and it kept crashing i will try your way now :D thanksseems to get stuck on white screen? stopping when it finds an update for logistic pipes Edit: Take out logistic pipes and it works fine gonna reset the config see if it works :) Edit 2...
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    Omega Dawn - Config Private Mod Pack (1.5.2)

    Hey golrith when i try to lauch the pack with all the mods it seems to crash any ideas?
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    Omega Dawn - Config Private Mod Pack (1.5.2)

    This pack looks really cool and i would love to test it :) IGN : TheBennyBoyJr
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    Whitelist Server [NoodlePowered][FTB Ultimate][Whitelist][Growing Community][Dedicated Machine 24/7][Mature]

    1) Your Minecraft Username:TheBennyBoyJr 2) Have you ever griefed before? On a grief/raid server yes ( they are bad and boring i have come to realise this ) 3) Have you ever used unfair mods (Example: X-Ray Texture Packs, Nodus, etc.) Nope 4) What is your timezone? GMT +0 :P UK time lol 5)...
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    [Survival] Starter Map for FTB Unleashed

    thanks! im new to FTB and this might help me learn the modpack :D
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    IGN: TheBennyBoyJr Age: 13 Reason i want to join: Well i have been looking for a server like this for ages and it seems like yours might be the only one and it seems like it could be fun i am looking to make friends and be apart of a community. Dont know much about all the mods i know how to use...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Unleashed|White list|Grief Prev|Daily Contests|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    Forum name:Ben Edmondson In-Game Name:TheBennyBoyJr Age:13 14 in december Country:England Have you ever been banned?: Never Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Indefinably If you could be any super hero or villain who would it be and why? Batman; he looks cool :p
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 v5.2.1 5 Slot Open!![Whitelist][10 Slots][No PvP][New Server][Mature][24/7]

    IGN:TheBennyBoyJr Age:13 Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server:Not that i know of no. If so why: Time zone:GMT FTB experience:None other than with AE BC and IC2 Do you have a microphone to use TeamSpeak:Yes What are you looking for from this server(minimum 5 sentences): To make new...