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    FTB Trident, crashes randomly when using NEI or switching worlds.

    Title: FTB Trident, crashes randomly when using NEI or switching worlds. Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Modpack: Trident Modpack Version: 1.1.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: Login sometimes it crashes, switch servers (bungee cord) sometimes crashes...
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    Open Server FullyUnleashed - No lag - Low banned items - Hot food - No Whitelist

    Server IP: We are running Unleashed modpack (Current up to date), NO whitelist, everyone is welcome! Rules : 1. Respect ALL players, Staff and non-staff. 2. Absolutely NO griefing. 3. No duping, Scamming, or obscene language/conversations. 4. No advertising other servers...
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    Problem How do we reduce spawn rates/disable spawning of a npc?

    So lately we've notices way to many mobs spawn in the main world, then we also have a few buggy mobs that spawn in twilight we'd like to disable. This is unleashed modpack any help is appreciated. Note. We are running in easy mode.
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    Need help finding plugin for unleashed

    So some servers have plugin that stops alot of duping methods Turns item routers/routers into bedrock when you attempt the dupe and announces it ect...? can somone link me to it please.
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    Cant play direwolf20??? opens then loads to mojang, after a minute just crashes/closes the client and the console. ;[
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    Bees man im a nub help me out pros?

    So umm i got some pure bees to help clear up some bad node, but they dont like the biome.... so what could i use to make them like the biome im putting them in? they like normal biome and normal humidity but im tryen to put them in a snowy area. any way to make them work there?
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    Windows .jar Crashes?

    hey sorry to bother but it wont let me load the mindcrack pack it loads up to the mojang screen then crashes here is the crash report from the file it downloads