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    Transfering Ultimate -> Direwolf20 V2

    Hey guys. I was wondering if, mainly how to transfer a Ultimate world to the DW20V2 pack. now i know there will be ID conflicts and stuff like Redpowers stuff will disappear and thats ok. What files that come with the map would i have to delete, all the config files?
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    Retro World Gen. Direwolf20 1.5 pack

    Hey guy i was wondering how to do a retro world gen in The Direwolf20 1.5 pack. if i remember correctly this will simply add world gen from mods that currently isn't in the world correct? Many thanks.
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    Biomes O'Plenty bug?

    so i updated my direwolf20 1.5 pack to the lastest version. Logged in, no probs there. loaded up my world to find all the biomes have been changed to plains. i traveled around a bit, ominous woords, woodland, Chappel, jade cliffs all changed to plains. anyone else experiencing this?
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    Increasing RAM in FTB

    Wondering if anyone knows how to increase the Ram allocation in ftb, higher than 1GB?
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    Ender Pearls and the Minecrack Pack

    I'm using the minecrack pack and found that you cant throw (use) ender pearls. like you can in vanilla. bug or did a mod change things?
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    Windows .exe BC3 Builder Doesnt place blocks

    in creative the BC3 builder doesn't place blocks. I remember that in creative the builder pulls blocks straight from the creative menu. supplying power and redstone signal. i assume this is just another teething issue for the pack.