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    Info request: What's this modpack's secret?

    less mods than most kitchensink style packs. skyblock world. simplistic objectives. those all help. i am not sure what is causing the major change but it is overall a less heavy pack. lost souls is in the nether which just has a lot of various things which are more laggy than the overworld tends...
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    Pigman not spawning on v2.1.1

    i created a cursed earth mob farm with sufficient darkess in the nether, but the cursed earth isnt spreading and no mobs are spawning
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    twitch launcher

    ok, thank you. i just wasnt sure whether it was a bug or not
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    twitch launcher

    Is the launcher taking a while to recognize there is a new update? i had heard there was an update planned for yesterday but it still hasn't shown up on the launcher.
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    [1.6.4] Running Red v1.1.4 [Jam-Packed][Hardcore][Magic][RPG][Good as Crash Landing!]

    I watched purplementat's series and now REALLY want to play this pack. for some reason, ftb isn't working. is there any other way to get the pack or do you know how to fix the problem? Issue with new md5 method, attempting to use backup method. Local: 41B7AC011EBC2E9DC351C5A996725BA9 Remote...