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    Open 2.1.0: Nuclear Control 2 Remote Sensor Kit

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: I'm on the new 2.2.0 and I can not craft the Remote Sensor Kit form Nuclear Control 2. The current recipe has the Digital Thermometer with meta data id ":101" but when you craft the Digital Thermometer the meta data id ":100" Mod & Version: 2.2.0...
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    Open 2.1.0: 2.1.2 Extra Utilities color Wood Planks

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: Unable to craft the Extra Utilities 16 color Wood Planks no recipe in NEI. I don't see a config option in the ExtraUtilities.zs for them to be disabled. All the other Extra Utilities color blocks are craft-able just not the wood planks. Mod & Version...
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    Java 7 vs Java 8

    Hi I was looking around on the forums and I could really find the answer I wanted but is there a major difference between Java 7 and Java 8 with MC 1.7.10? I’m currently using Java 7_45 64bit and I have my FPS set to 60FPS. Sometimes I have notices that the FPS drops down after several hours of...
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    Ender IO Power Monitor

    Is there a way to have the power monitor from Ender IO display on a screen or monitor. If not is there a mod that can let me do this? I know I could maybe use Computercraft but I’m not an expert on doing Lua code.
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    Ender IO with TiC

    With Ender IO becoming so popular now and having some cross mod support. I know that MFR now has an option to use Ender IO recipes which I think is really good for cross mod support. It would be cool if there was a mod that would let you use the Ender IO alloys with TiC. I don’t think extra...
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    Can I change Agrarian Skies?

    Hi Guys I have only just started playing Agrarian Skies but I wanted to know if I can add mods to this pack. I know it says you can't remove mods. I wanted to add Mekanism and Big Reactors into the pack but I am not sure how this will work with the way your get ores in this pack. You need...
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    Help with Wither Battle Area

    Hi guys I need help to make a Wither Battle Area so he doesn’t keep destroying my world. I made a little room 5x5x5 and warded the walls but if he is pushed into the corner he blows out the wall :( ......WTF. I am just using stone bricks. I heard that maybe compressed cobble from extra...
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    New Big Reactor 0.3

    I don't know if anyone yet has played with the new Turbines from Big Reactor but they use steam. If you haven't seen The new Big Reactors yet have a look at Ako's video I did a setup of the new Big Turbine using a 5x5x5 and...
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    Help with underground biomes

    I can't use to saw on the underground biomes blocks, I want to use them as forge muiltpart coves. Any idea what I am doing wrong.
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    Steve's Factory Manager & Extra Bees

    Hi Guys, I don't know if many people have played with Steve's Factory Manager but I got and issue. When using Steve's Factory Manager with the Extra Bees machines I can insert item & liquid into the machines but I can't get them back out again. I have tried using differnt tanks, I can pull the...
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    Help With Biomes O Plenty

    Hi guys I need some help with Biomes O Plenty. I am not 100% sure if I can do this. I want to create a world when it's first gets generated it has only has normal Biomes than after that I want it to use the Biomes O Plenty Biomes. Can this be done and how? I was thinking that I could create...
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    MFR Laser Dill with Focus

    Hi Guys, I having a Major Tin sortage, so I was looking at the Laser Focus for the MFR Laser Dill. I am not sure how these work. I was looking on the and I couldn't find how the laser focus work. I belive they just increase the % chance of getting that type of...
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    Extra bees vs Magic Bees (Need Help)

    Hi guys, I need some help with my bees (I need a Bee Expert :D). I don't know if this question has already been answered sorry if it has. I am currently using the Extra Bee to produce my base metals. I just notice that I could of used the Magic Bees to do this also. Which bees are better...
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    Modded Unleashed 1.1.3

    Guys, I have been playing Unleashed for a while now and I have played with just about all of the mods in the pack. While I am waiting for a pack for a FTB 1.6.x pack to come out, I was wounding what other mods I could/should add to my single player unleashed to make it more fun or different?
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    Thaumcraft Node

    I am very new to using Thaumcraft. I was building some golem parts and my wands stopped charging. I went to were my node was next to my portal and I can't find it now. I had to go to another node to change my wands. Modepack FTB unleashed 1.1.3 SSP Did I kill my Node? :( If so now I need to...