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    Share Your Tinker's Construct Tools!

    Hi guys, so I thought I'd start a thread on what kinds of tools have been created using Tinker's Construct. Please include the modifiers on them, and what materials you used to make them and of course, why you made the tool the way you did. Now, normally I would start with my tools. But I'm...
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    Dartcraft Rods

    Hi, Guys, I'm a Dartcraft and newbie and have looked on the dartcraft thread, but it doesn't mention anything about what kinds of rods I can have in addition to the Force Rod. At this moment in time, the only one I'm aware of is the Rod of return. I am 100% sure there is more otherwise the...
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    GregTech FTB-Style Configs

    Hi Guys, I have gone ahead and made GregTech configs that removes the slowness of it as well as most of the nerfs. Download it there: To install it, simply paste and replace these into your config/GregTech folder both client...
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    Dartcraft Help

    Hi guys, I'm just starting out on dartcraft and would like a bit of insight on what stuff I should put on my Force Tools/Armor. Like I know how the mechanics work, I'm just not familiar with the upgrades. I have looked on the forum page, and I see no mention of the newer upgrades like...
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    Interesting Base

    Well here's my Survival Base: Feel Free to add additions and/or remove things as you see fit. Oh and a overview pic -
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    Need Suggestions

    I've got a really nice and somewhat futuristic base here and would like suggestions on how to improve it and its energy generation. I am using the FTB Ultimate Pack. Do not suggest solar arrays. I am choosing not to use it. World Download - EDIT...
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    Current Lag Issues

    From what I gather the current lag issues have come forth in the most recent update to several of the modpacks. I to have experienced said lag in all of them up until today. Today, I've found a solution that has improved performance significantly, but again is not guranteed to work. This is a...
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    Starting a New World Here And Now

    Hi Everyone, Sorry to bother you but, I've have read multiple reports telling me very different things. So I want a single and final answer. If I start a world now using the FTB Modpack, when it is out of beta, the only thing I will have to do is create a new mystcraft age for the ores...