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    Problem Why can't my interface insert items into another interface for subnetwork processing? Hi, I am trying to replicate this video and to craft simple recipes like clay>hardened clay. In the picture, I have the pattern inserted into the flat interface and it is connect to the block interface. I have attached a storage bus into...
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    Creating a lag free mystcraft world

    I'm looking to move my base to a mystcraft page since living in the overworld is 20 fps lag. I think using a void age would increase my fps by quite a lot. What page do i use to create the best world for lag free? So far I been thinking of No weather,single biome/mushroom island, void.
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    Modpack Icon Wallpaper?

    I like the new modpack icon for the 1.6.4 pack, and i wonder is there a wallpaper/bigger version?
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    1.6.4 Mob Farm Without SoulShard

    Since soulshard pretty much become extinct with recent update, I'm looking for a way to get mostly blaze rod and ender pearl. I don't wanna build vanilla mob farm so that out of the way. The only ways I can see is installing dartcraft or using mfr mob essense.
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    Can't Use left click to break block unless using King Slime Shovel

    Ever since i got this shovel from the kingslime, my left click constantly stop working to break block that take hit like woods, i can break grass, but not wood. I can only break wood with the king slime shovel though.
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    Horizon crashing with optifine

    I can only play most modpack with optifine, but horizon does not startup with optifine. I tried putting it in jar and mods folder, using optifine c7 1.6.4
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    Let talk Ender IO

    Ender IO so far is a great addon for buildcraft, it like a little addon to thermal expansion to me, it unique piping system and facade is what make it a really great mod. Have u guys check it out or what your opinion about it? Please don't start flame war, it just a thread to get opinion on this...
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    Is there a way to use nether quartz as certus quartz for AE?

    Is there a config option or any possible way?
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    Massive ore cluster under hot spring biome

    It seem like iron ore cluster spawn in chunks of 12 o.O, is this part of biome o plenty or is my config wrong?
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    Can somebody explain how bee breeding mechanic work?

    I been searching around wikies to find how gene are passed to offspring to create a mutation. So far i got up to a noble,diligient, and ancient bees and aiming toward alveary. I been using the NEI plugin but i really want to know how it work.
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    How to autocraft tesseract with AE?

    I have no idea lol
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    Applied Energistic Version rv12.a

    This version allowed u to connect 2 me network with the use of the singularity that u been making with the me condenser. It a new multi block that is so cool :P. Here some info: A Multi block structure that allows to to connect 2 potentially distant network fragments together. Created by...
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    Unleashed suddenly cause world tick error.

    Yesterday i upgrade to the new unleashed and everything was working fine and dandy. But today when i try to launch the ftb unleashed and enter my world that was created during beta unleashed(which worked fine yesterday). I see that disabling chicken chunks did not help, but i can still create...
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    What is this mod that make minecraft look more realistic and have nice sky and stuff?

    I'm watching cyanideepic on twitch and his minecraft look so green,bright sky, and so realistic like the sun is bright and the sky is blue. I also notice sevadus also have his minecraft look like this. Can anybody help me why his minecraft look like that?
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    I'm making so much UU matter using the matter fabricator that make me think I did something wrongo.o

    So I have 64 thermal generator that making 1200 eu per tick to my matter fabricator and it making uu matter with scrap box like nothing. 1 scrap box give it a extra 27% boost each time o.o i don't know why but i'm making so much uu matter. Anybody know if this is realistic lol
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    Maximum Efficiency Steeve Cart Tree Farm TRACK Design?

    So far for my Steeve Tree farm i just do a typical O shape rail, and I know there a lot of better track design that give more efficiency. So anyone can give me a picture of a good track setup>?
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    Anybody having trouble updating launcher to 1.2.3?

    The problem i'm having is when i click "yes" it close my launcher and then 5 second later the launcher pop up and still show the same message. Anybody else having he same problem?
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    Code Chicken core causing crash

    I was in the twilight forest and suddenly my miencraft crash, and now it keep continue to crash when i try to enter the world, any fix? Crash report and
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    How do you fly fast using Modular Powersuit?

    I have jetpack max out, sprinting assist all amx out, jet boost max out, I can sprint fast but why can't I fly so fast liek this
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    Is there any way to teleport EU like tesseract?

    I know there gregtech interdemnsional storage unit stuff but it too expensive.I really don't want tesseract to convert MJ to EU with power converter, So is there any way to teleport EU?