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    Discussion about minecraft updates/features

    Just had this line of thought from the what's new in modded minecraft today? thread and thought it would be good to split it out to a new thread. Now, what if, instead of command blocks, there was code to detect something (just like command blocks) and then execute commands based on that. If...
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    [Mod] Fog Nerf - See clearer

    Fog nerf Fog nerf does Download Just a small mod. There are (curretly) no options or configs.
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    [Mod] Planter Helper - Plant crops faster

    Planter Helper Planter Helper is a rather simple mod that helps to plant crops. It comes with tools to plant crops in different sized areas and the ability to craft farmland. More info is over at the Planter Helper Wiki Please submit crash reports, problems, etc to the Planter Helper...
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    [Tutorial] Setting up a Forge Development Environment for noobs

    I will teach you, with the help of LexManos' Youtube video, how to set-up a Forge development environment and make the example mod. 1) Prerequisites You will need to install the following software: Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You should already have this. It lets you play FTB. Just make...
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    Minecraft 1.7 pre release - Will be waiting a long time for mods

    The Minecraft 1.7 prerelease was released ( The bad news came when @SeargeDP and @minecraftcpw posted on twitter. Some tweets from @minecraftcpw Some links to tweets...
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    [1.4.7] EE3 Minium stone Fix (Unofficial)

    I have backported the fix for the minium stone back to a 1.4.7 build of EE3. I have also stopped a crash when you are holding a minium stone (or pstone) and press Shift+C. Download: (or dropbox link) Source code
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    Spoiler tags

    I thought this forum was trying to be like the technic forums with no spoiler tags [/spoiler]
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    [Info] Bees and ExtraBiomesXL

    I created a mapping of ExtrabiomesXL biomes and what the habitat info is for each biome. The information is gotten by visiting mystcraft ages (if that makes a difference) Habitat: The habitat that shows in the Apiary matching the Habitat in the Habitat locator. Information was gotten...
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    Mac Fix for launcher on mac (Minecraft crashes immediately)

    It is known that the mac launcher does not work, minecraft crashes on launch. To fix it run export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home in terminal just before launching the launcher from terminal. or You can download an app file <coming> to do this for you
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    Missing mods creations (Show off your work)

    I have been using a custom set of mods for 1.3.2. This means I have been unable to have redpower. This means I have come up with work arounds. For example the attached image Shows a creation to refill a bucket (in order to create bog earth). Empty bucket in chest goes in minecart, then into...
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    Direwolf20 Video index wiki

    I have created a wiki to keep track of what direwolf20 does during his videos (so you can find the relevant video to watch to recall what he did). The wiki is up at
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    Old Guides Guide thread

    Lost post. Just bringing it back. New post is coming (By ICountFrom0). Subject was Guides, Topics, and Wiki's for FTB Mods (incomplete)