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    LOL Virus Fail

    So I got this PuP on my computer and it made some links got to random places. Well this was one of them. I got their from the GT thread.
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    Carbon's Warhammer 40k Army Showcase Thread

    Carbon's Warhammer 40k Army Showcase Thread This thread is to... You Guessed it! Showcase my Warhammer 40k Army! In this thread I will be showing off my large Warhammer army of primarily Ultramarines, Space Marines, and also a small battalion of orks. I will post a new squad each week with...
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    Carbon's ASCII Art Collection

    Hiya, Well, I decided to make a repository for all my ASCII art and it's going to be here. These are my templates feel free to use them if you want.
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    Very Nice Fuel Handling, By: CBG

    Hiya, Today I bring you a very nice fuel handling system I made that is extremely light weight(compared to what people normally do). And going on a stretch I say this should be implemented to forge just to make everything so much simpler. @GregoriousT (screw the spelling) helped me out a bit...
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    Carbon Explains Science Stuff: Part I (The Laws of Thermodynamics)

    I will be writing random stuff when I am bored, and now I feel like explaining The Laws of Thermodynamics, so I will. There are 4 Laws of Thermodynamics each explaining a constant (otherwise known as law) in Thermodynamics. But before we go into them here is a list of definitions you may need...
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    Wolverness and How He is Hurting the MC Community

    First off, I am publishing this not to deter popularity from Wolverness but state facts that should be true, most of these will not be written by me so I will do my best to point out false facts but I am not responsible for any reputation loss of Wolverness when someone else's facts are wrong...
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    Carbon's Rambles (1)

    Carbon's theory of learning everything about earth: If the wormhole theory is true it is possible that we could travel to a different part of space and observe earth's light from there allowing for us to see what happened in the past. So, there would no longer exists any theories about what...
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    Mods Directory

    I really enjoy the FTB wiki and see it as a valuable resource but one thing I can never get by is the Mods/Minor Mods directory. It is incredibly annoying to mouse over the selection and have a huge list come up. So I propose the ability to click on each section and go to a page with the list...
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    Kinda How a Minecraft Crafting Table Code Works

    I was really bored and on a computer incapable of running Minecraft (nonetheless FTB) so I did some java coding. The code I did is a rough concept of how a Minecraft crafting tables code looks like. Enjoy! package base; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List...
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    CarbonBasedGhost's Total Rewrite Pack (Questions)

    Hello I am @CarbonBasedGhost a regular (Popular Member) on these forums, The reason I am here is to ask an opinion about an new pack I would like to make. The Main/Unique Feature of this pack will be that I take you through a completely unique path of tech progression that has been thought up...
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    The 100s Game

    The 100s Game This is a game I made up to pass time on another forums and it was very successful so I thought I should bring it here. In the 100s game you count up and the first person to reach a factor of 100 wins and you keep on going. I will post winners below. Also please do not post twice...
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    Learn Gregtech Hardcore Questing Mode Pack

    Learn Gregtech Hardcore Questing Mode Pack Today I bring to you a new HQM pack centered around learning GT. This is a mod pack meant to help teach you about Gregtech. This pack contains minimal mods other than Gregtech so you can concentrate more on learning than anything else. Pack Code...
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    Learn GregTech HQM Pack (In Progress) 1.6.4.

    Hello o/, Today I bring to you a new HQM pack I am making centered around learning GT. This pack will bring you through GT on hard mode with a feel of ease so you don't feel like immediately burning your computer. You will start out this pack progressing as if you would if you were playing GT...
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    Steam Key for Adventures of Shuggy (Not sure how long it will be active)

    A key was just released for The Adventures of Shuggy a co-op indie game on steam. THAT MEANS IT'S FREEE!!!!!
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    BluePower (Being Made By Quetzi and MineMaarten and Others)

    Hello, So I was looking around and decided to see if the new mod in progress BluePower, a remake of Redpower had a github repository and sure enough it did. This thread is dedicated to showing off what I found in there. Blocks Items There is also some more stuff that are not implemented in...
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    What Icon looks Better

    Hello, So I have decided to change my icon, (if you know me you will see a new one) and I would like some feedback on which one looks the best. A) B) C) D) Человек, который отвечал нить принял это изображение вниз E) Thanks for looking this over!, CarbonBasedGhost
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    The Problem with Mod Documentation/Repositories

    Hello All, So today I want to point out a serious problem I have been noticing when looking through other modder's code in their repositories. IT IS WRITTEN HORRIBLY! No documentation and variables are abbreviated and it is plain out confusing. This code is breaking the too fundamental rules...
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    IC2 Experimental Guide

    Industrial Craft 2 Experimental Branch As I have noted many people do not like Ic2 because of the new E-net system and because they are not used to it so I am going to take you on a walkthrough of the mod. Thread Notes and Rules: This pertains to IC2 v.1.6.4 (experimental) and up Please...
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    The Amazing Guide to Progression

    Coming soon. (when TE3 is finished for 1.7.2) Welcome to the guide to progression. Here we show you how to progress to mid game (AE and Quarry) as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will give you a step by step guide, what materials to grab, how much and what machines to build in which...
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    New RF Mod (In Progress Looking for Suggestions)

    Hello, ______________________________________________________________________________ Today I would like to inform you of a new add-on I am going to start making as soon as COFH Core reaches 1.7.2. It will be called Thermal Addition...