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    [Solved] I need Pink Slime! Slaughterhouse help.

    To build the MFR Laser Drill Prechargers you need some pink slime. Pink Slime is a by-product of using the MFR Slaughterhouse to process... oh pretty much any mob. Pink Slime is also apparently quite difficult to accumulate to the quantity of one bucket! I started off by hand-placing (Safari...
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    Will this hardware handle Monster well?

    My kids and their friends often connect to minecraft servers (FTB, Tekkit, and vanilla as the mood strikes them) on my home network, and I want a dedicated machine for this purpose rather than running it on a PC that is also running an FTB client. I want to spend as little as possible, but I...
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    [solved] Itemducts not working between MFR Laser Drill and Tesseract

    I've quadruple checked the tesseract config, but I can't get the sending tesseract to take items from my laser drill via itemduct. In fact, I even set up a test strongbox and tried to pipe items from that to the tesseract, and nothing. I applied a pneumatic servo of course. Any ideas?
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    Deep Storage Unit missing its UI in Monster pack?

    I haven't cross checked this with any other FTB packs, but I created my first Deep Storage Unit tonight (that's a horrific recipe!) and after placing the block it had no directional In/Out user interface. Has anyone else seen this occur with the DSU?
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    Are there any non-wooden ladders out there?

    Aren't there any iron/metal ladders in any of these mods? I see stone ladders were added by Tinkers, but it seems like a pretty gaping hole in the "creative" side of building. Seems also someone would have come up with paintable doors. (yes I know different woods make different colored doors...
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    weird changelog item for Monster 1.0.6

    Biomes O Plenty Disabled Garden Biome I don't particularly care for this biome, but it seems oddly random that it was disabled. Anyone know what the problem is with this biome?
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    "PSA: MCPC+ and Modded Minecraft" why was this thread closed?

    That thread should have had all the crap posts removed and been left as a place to collect more suggestions from server owners. Servers, not just large ones, but small ones running on a budget hosting account, often need MCPC+ for performance reasons alone. This isn't all about security for...
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    Steam Engines stalling

    There is a weird thing happening on one of the servers I frequent. A couple of us have Industrial Steam Engines set up in clusters, running off boilers. At times, even when chunk loaded, if we leave the area and come back, SOME of the steam engines have stopped. Toggling the Lever that is...
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    Seed Oil or Low Efficiency Biofuel?

    I have a major surplus of two items, Melon and Pumpkin Seeds. I'm weighing two options right now but don't know which would give me the most bang for my buck. Does anyone have a feel for which of these is going to give better power output? Melon & Pumpkin Seeds >> Squeezers >> Seed Oil >>...
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    Question about using rednet and an MFE buffer

    I'm trying to come up with the proper rednet controller circuit to do the following: a ) Check a gate to see if an MFE is empty. b ) Check another gate to see if that same MFE has room for more charge. If a and b are true, turn on output. If either a or b become untrue, change nothing. If...
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    MPS Appearance crash anyone?

    Does anyone else get a client crash when they open the modular power suit appearance customizer and click on the helmet ? (Unleashed 1.1.4)
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    Steam through Tesseracts

    Normally I build my base's power system so that everything is physically connected. MFR Tree Farm >> Boilers >> Steam Engines >> Conduits to my machines. I'll toss in an Energy Tessearact for my Quarry of course. But I'm considering changing this up a bit for my current base. Contiguous space...
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    Client - Server mod version mismatch

    OK so I'm a server noob -- I mean I've run some servers locally before for my kids, last one I ran was an FTB Ultimate, and that worked fine. But with Unleashed 1.1.3, when I connect the server complains about 8 mods that are the incorrect version. I have deleted and redownloaded the server a...
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    Your recommendations for some simple server commands

    Hey, I hope this is the correct place to post a question like this. I'm going to set up a server for about half a dozen players, whitelist only. I would like to have just a few commands, like /sethome available. I'm not interested in any sort of anti-griefing plugins, just would like to just...
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    Resetting server, will AE disks in player inventory keep data?

    Hey all, did a search but couldn't find anything related. The Ultimate server I play on is resetting the world to transition to Unleashed, but the owner is going to transfer our player data over so we can keep have whatever is in our inventories when we transition. I am considering putting...
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    help with the ME Interface block?

    Hey all, some questions about this block: Can this thing be placed next to a chest and have it just import everything that lands in that chest into your AE network? Or is that just duplicating the purpose of an Import Bus? Here's what I'm looking to do ...
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    OK I give up, what is the Bioreactor?

    Two problems: 1) I can't find a wiki that explains the Bio Reactor or Bioreactor 2) The recipe/item doesn't exist in NEI (ultimate server) Which mod is this from? I thought it was Minefactory Reloaded... guess not? Thanks for any help.
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    MFR Rubber tree Saplings grow into Oak trees?

    Hey all, Has anyone else experienced this? I cut and harvest saplings from the MFR mod's rubber trees, the saplings say "RUBBER" in their name, I plant them, and every single one grows into an Oak tree. Overall problem, or something wonky on that particular server? Thanks!
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    Automating a blast furnace with AE

    I've been playing with Applied Energistics and just love it. I'm not doing anything very advanced -- basic storage on formatted drives for the most part. I've recently attached my SC tree farm cargo manager to the network via an ME Import Bus. This has worked brilliantly, allowing me to add a...
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    Combustion Engine Questions

    Hi everyone, So, I've done the "steam boiler" route to produce MJ a couple of times, but I want to try another form of MJ power generation. I've been afraid of the Combustion Engine since day 1, with all the horror stories of them exploding. Well, I think I have a plan that should keep their...