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    Opinion: Why I think some mod authors should think twice about their new content

    Please read the entire post before posting! This initial post has been rewritten to cover most of what people has been asking me as of this writing. When I started playing Minecraft in early beta, I quickly got into the mods Buildcraft and Industrialcraft. These two mods works very well...
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    [Suggestion] New subforum for map discussion

    I have noticed in the maps forum, that people tend to make a lot of threads that's not actually promoting a map, this includes tips, builders/helpers needed, misplaced support threads, ideas, contraptions, tutorials and suggestions. With ten pages in that forum this makes quite a mess. What I'd...
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    Incompatibility with Windows 8

    Please see the following support threads: Issues causing in-game flickering while running the launcher in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Can't download and install, fixing this causes the above issue.
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    Mods causes flickering

    Recently I built myself a new computer, the only hardware from my old computer is; One of the two hard disks. My graphics card. Everything else is newly shipped. Now that i have installed my new windows 8 software and that I have installed FTB I get the graphical error; flickering. The...
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    FTB_Launcher.exe (and maybe the .jar) fails to work on Windows 8

    It turns out that Windows 8 and FTB_Launcher.exe can't properly together. This gives a small error(too small for an error report, something like "failed to install modpack"). Running the .exe with compatibility mode seems to be working.
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    Which chunkloaders works with frames?

    Basically i am about to start making my first redpower frame bore, my problem is that chickenchunks are crashing on world load. Which other chunkloaders supports frames and Mystcraft?
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    How do you spawn in a completed notebook?

    As the title may suggest, i want to know how to spawn in a completed notebook, with all symbols. Once this was possible by just spawning one in using NEI, however that doesn't seem to work. Spawning a notebook in only gives you a blank notebook. Thanks.
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    Unable to post (i wonder if this works)

    I got a problem when trying to post in this thread. I was trying to post the following text: "When recipes aren't available in the client, but on the server, the output slot is empty, but you can still pull the item out. If you are trying to do a recipe the server doesn't know, it prevents you...
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    Adib's server down. Maintance? Crash?

    The title says it all.
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    Can't log in, new mods

    I can't log in the server because some mods are updated. i have updated the mods to the right version, but now i need the configs.
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    Starting out with Computer Craft

    Dan200 on Pahi-craft inspired me to try out Computer Craft, what is the best way to get started? I would also want to try some addons, if you have any suggestions. BTW i already know some basics of Lua from some years ago.