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    Taking it elsewhere; a request for some NON-TiC based packs

    I don't understand. What has been made "harder" because of the power of TiCo? I mean, how has the presence of TiCo made using vanilla tools harder?
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    Base Biome Preference

    Colorful (autumn?) forests (Not dye trees). I like the reds and oranges and yellows, very pretty place to live! /edit -- oh, and I -love- the Canyon biome! You can dig into the side of a canyon and have windows looking out over the rugged landscape.
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    Advice for Monster at end of beginning-game-stage?

    Why wouldn't you get started on MFR? Lots to do there, and it's not that expensive. I didn't see anything "hard" about the recipes on Monster. (/edit -- ok, getting pink slimes is hard, and some of the emerald requirements are hard, but otherwise, no)
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    Modpack Updates

    He posted something then used mcedit to remove it.
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    Anyone have an idea how to quarry the nether?

    Yes, this thread died 22 minutes before you posted, you morally bankrupt reanimator you!
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    Will this hardware handle Monster well?

    Eh, I'll keep watching refurb deals. They're out there and I'm in no hurry. I might build my own instead, but finding all the bits for that is a PITA that I prefer to avoid.
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Or the Superpower of Seizures!
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Or, you have SUPERPOWERS.
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Scarlett's rise to power was on the wings of her blonde hair.
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    Will this hardware handle Monster well?

    So the core 2 duo is equivalent or better than the AMD processor in the OP? I don't know squat about AMD procs. Thanks!
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    automatic ore processing (noob)

    To save on energy and the work that my AE system has to do, I favor pre-processing the ores directly from the quarry (tesseract). You can use BC pipes or Itemducts for this, either works fine. T==========| vvvvvvv | PPPPPPF | FFFFF | =======>>[AE] T -- Tesseract = -- pipes or...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I've noticed certain areas are almost devoid of redstone as well. I haven't seen a pattern to it really, I sometimes just hit large pattern-mined areas where I found zero redstone. /edit -- one o those area was a highland transitional area between two BoP biomes; not sure if that means anything.
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    How can i finish this quest faster?

    I prefer the latter, I'll message you my skype so you can direct me real-time.
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    How can i finish this quest faster?

    Someone needs to watch YouTube mod spotlight.
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    Underground rubbertreefarm

    I'm getting at the fact that sunlight "is strong enough", skylights look swell, and putting torches all over the place not only looks like sht, it also takes up precious growing space if you put any on the ground in the farm.
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    Underground rubbertreefarm

    Gotta have some sunlight coming down... put glass skylights in.
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    Nether changes... ridiculous!

    I just turn on my MPS Mob Repulsor and mine away.
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    Is the "pig iron" as a material on this page an error or out of date? I assumed putting pig iron in a smeltery would give you this listed Pig Iron material.
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    [Solved] I need Pink Slime! Slaughterhouse help.

    I put [Solved] in the title so maybe 5x more people won't repeat the first 8-10 posts :D