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    Closed 1.0.0: (1.1.1) Starting book crash the server

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: The book wich explain how to survive first night and find ores make server crash but work perfectly in single player. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Everytime I create a new world on server...
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    1.3.0: Unexpected server crash

    Version: 1.3.0 What is the bug: I've updated my server to version 1.3.1 and everything run fine until now. This night when nobody is on the server it crash with no crash log. I'll try to restart it and it blaiming that the level.dat file is already in use. He could repair and made a backup...
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    1.2.1: Mystcraft cause lot of timeout

    Version: 1.2.1 What is the bug: Everytimes a Myscraft world is created, all users are out of the server (timeout). After we can log in again but it seems there is a big FPS loss. Generating terrain in those world cause lot of lag too. Mod & Version: Mystcraft 0.11.0000...