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    A !!FUN!! way to play modded MC: The Front Page Modpack

    Need modded MC variety? Well, do I have a game for you: Play Minecraft with RANDOM MODS. The Front Page Modpack is a modpack you design composed from the mods you can get off of the MCF front page. Now you, too, can be a modpack curator! Interested? Want to read the rules? Find all you need to...
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    IC2 steps up thier game with the Ejector Upgrade

    As of IC2 build 354, we have a new working upgrade for IC2 machines. It's called the Ejector Upgrade, and basically what it does is to replicate Thermal Expansion's auto-output functionality. It, when installed, automatically shoves out any output it has. This to me is a really cool thing that's...
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    What are the pros and cons of having these mods?

    Recently, I've updated my modpack to 1.5.2 (It's here if you're interested), and I've been focusing on removing mods that provide overlapping content, mainly to reduce lag (it's been pretty bad on my server). I'm trying to further consolidate content, and recently, four mods included in my pack...