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    Whitelist Server | FTB Infinity Server ! | Small Community,Friendly,Mature |

    Name: Ron Age: 37! Ign:odenite Experience(How long have you been playing,etc): I bought it before there was a Nether What are your interests: gameing, camping, reading Main Language: English
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    This was the best pack in last years JamPacked compitition imo. Please tell me your working on a pack to submit for this years!
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    That is very possible. My inventory is full a lot. Is there anyway to resolve this?
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    is there a chance my player dat messed up and the pack thinks I already have that biome? I've never got the same biome twice so I'm guessing the game thinks I already have it.
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    I've gone through over a stack of those basic reward bags and no brushlands biome. Any other ideas? Once again, thanks in advance. At this point I'm not above cheating.
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    I stopped receiving biomes from my reward bags but have never got the brushland biome and can therefore not do the research on it. Is there a way around this? Would another biome count? Is there a way to spawn in the brushlands disk? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Opinions on Microsoft buying Mojang

    I just hope they don't pull a Simcity size screw up and make it so we have to be online to play or they add DLC (mods) that you have to pay for.
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    I really like how this modpack eliminates the early skyblock grind of farming trees manually. It brings mining back to minecraft while still being skyblock map. Very well done. I am having trouble at times making a glowstone block with 4 glowstone dust. Sometimes the item IDs on the glowstone...
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    Love your youtube videos. I can't think of any constructive criticism I could give you to help...

    Love your youtube videos. I can't think of any constructive criticism I could give you to help you with your style.
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    Crafting Paradise is a wonderful pack. My kids and I love it. You've earned yourself a follower.

    Crafting Paradise is a wonderful pack. My kids and I love it. You've earned yourself a follower.
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    [1.6.4] Crafting Paradise [JamPacked] [HQM]

    FANTASTIC modpack. It's perfect for players who like skyblock but miss the exploration aspect.
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    Hey Mini! where have you been playing lately?

    Hey Mini! where have you been playing lately?
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    Will there be further updates for the Unleashed pack?

    Isn't thaumcraft going to require a new world? I think I read that somewhere.
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    How do I upgrade my tome faster to 8 slots?

    or if cheats are enabled you can type /ineedatrunkfullofdartcraftjunk or something along those lines. instant lvl 7 tome + everything you'd need to make another one.
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    MeatyLock Plays FTB Unleashed (Latest Video - MFR The Meat Factory)

    I subed following a link from Pyro. The way you two interact has me cracking up every episode i watch. I really liked how you showed him how to skin cows with the force shears and you said "put the lotion in the basket". i was laughing so hard
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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft// TPPI! // 24/7 // Plugins // Mature

    IGN: odenite Age: pushing 36 Are you new to FTB? no Why should I add you? I'm a real team player and my buildings look nice. I also know my way around the mod pack...other then programing turtles. What are you good at? building, collecting resources, following directions. What are you like (For...
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    7 Days to Die... A little bit Minecraft, a little bit DayZ

    I watched a few episodes of an LP of 7 Days to Die in pre-alpha. looks like it has a lot of potential. I think I'll hold off on getting the kickstart though.
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    FTB Unleashed end game?

    in the past i've spent the first 45 min to an hour looking for a place to build my home. i look for a landscape that is nice to look at and has room to build AND has resources. I tend to keep worlds that are easy on the eyes longer. Buy the time i take to get my house up, others are probably way...
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    Biome O' Plenty Items

    I've had an issue with the update. i can only get an oak post when i try to make force sticks out of 2 force logs.