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    Low tech automation

    My partner and I are still pretty new to the game and we've come from factorio so we're keen on automation. We're using DW20 1.16 however we like to take things slow, are there any elements we can automate without redstone or gold?
  2. J

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    If I use botany hopper pots, is there anything I can use to suck all the output into one chest rather then using an individual chest under each?
  3. J

    Direwolf20 pack having "failed to synchronize registry data from server" after updates. Twice. Help!

    My partner and I have been having these exact same problems over LAN. We're relatively new w to the Minecraft scene and eager to get immersed but this has been causing some difficulties and has been pretty disheartening. If anyone's aware of a fix please let us know.