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    Open Server TubeCraft: Youtube | Direwolf20 1.7.10 1.2.1

    Applying for both me and a friend. Name: Jakob/Philip Age: 16 IGN: saides10/laserboy123 Skype: jakobh98 Will you record a Youtube series? maybe in the future when the internet out her stops being so shitty If so, how often? we will see when it happens Will you play on both servers? just...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.7.10 Small Community Server (easy whitelist)

    Im applying for both me and a friend IGN- saides10/laserboy123 Will you be able to join teamspeak- yes Why you want to join- want to come back to the ftb community and enjoy the mods again What will you add to the community- helping out players that are i need of help and build on community...
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Resurrection|1.0.0|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|

    Forum Name: saides Minecraft name: saides10 Age: 16 Country: sweden How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? - around 2 to 3 years i think What do you like about modded minecraft?: - you have more to do in the game and it takes more time until you reach end game Have you been...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast [Resurrection 1.0.1] Server Closed Due To Lack Of Updates.

    hope you dont mind that i apply for both me and my friend :) ign - saides10 age - 16 where are you from - sweden have you ever been banned on a server and if so why - nope anything you think you should add - loved gregtech in ultimate and im looking forward to play with it again and get to know...
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    Bug Monster 1.1.2 server spamming energynet messages

    Hello. So today when i was checking up on my server i noticed that the console was spamming alot of messages about ic2 energynet so i was wondering if anyone here could be so nice and explain what those mean.
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    Whitelist Server Monster 1.1.1 (whitelisted) EU Server

    IGN:saides10 AGE:16 ABOUT YOURSELF: friendly/helpful guy who wants to start playing again after a couple of months break and loves the whole thing about small servers where everyone knows everyone MOD EXPERIANCE: just started monster but played ultimate/mindcrack since release of the packs and...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Monster-New Map-Small server-No banned items-24/7-Whitelist

    IGN:saides10 Skype:jakobh98 Age:16 Time Zone:sweden Why do you want to play on my server: want to play on a small whitelisted server where everyone knows each other How good are you at building?(Bonus for pictures):im a decent builder since i mostly do techy stuff but if i put some time...
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    Whitelist Server VeldCraft|Monster v1.1.2|Whitelisted|Small and friendly

    IGN: saides10 Experience With FTB: since mindcrack pack for minecraft 1.4.7 Why You Would Like To Join: wanna start play ftb again after a break for a couple of months and i think these small servers are a great for that Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them?: yes Additional info: rule 6 is...
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    Casual Server Starting new world on my FTB server, looking for a small group.

    Name: ign: saides10 real name: jacob Skype : jakobh98 Age : 15 FTB Experience : played for nearly a year Availability : all the time when i dont have school or hang out with friends
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    Casual Server Small Privat server looking for a few new members :)

    - Age.15 - Location, where do you live.sweden - Experiance with FTB packs and mods in general.lpayed since mindcrack v4 and the moved on to ultimate and then unleashed and before ftb i played tekkit - Why should i pick you! beacuse i love these small server with people u can play and chat with...
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    Whitelist Server Stellar Buildcraft - Unleashed - Whitelist - 24/7

    What is your In-Game Name?saides10 Tell us a little bit about yourself. 15 year old guy who lives in sweden,played minecraft since early beta,love computers and love to help others Why do you think you would be a good fit for our server?i like these kind of smaller servers with just around 10...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Unleashed Survival Whitelisted Slots20+

    1. IGN:saides10 2. Do you accept all the rules & terms(read the whole forum to answer this question):yes i do 3. Group Call User( tell me which group calling program is it for):skype:jakobh98 and saides10 for raidcall 4. Age:15 5. E-Mail(optional):[email protected] 6. Country:sweden 7. Tell me...
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    Whitelist Server MineGeeks FTB (16+)|Unleashed 1.1.4|Whitelist|Hats|PvE|Brand new world!

    First of all im from sweden too so it would be really fun to play ona swedish server :) Im a 16 year or guys that likes to play multiplayer games and likes these kinda of small communitys. I have played ftb since the release of the mindcrack pack v4 and i had my own ftb server before so if u...
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] ArgentumCraft | DireWolf 1.0.7 - [16+][NEW WORLD][BOP][Mature Players][Great Community]

    Age (16+):16 Experience with FTB and/or mods: played the mindcrack pack since v4 then swtiched to ultimate pack and then a little unleashed :) What is your favorite mod in FTB?:ic2,buildcraft,dartcraft and mffs How long have you been playing FTB or Modded Minecraft in general?:around a year IGN...
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    Whitelist Server ElectroBeast(Whitelisted)(noPvP)(Friendly Community)

    IGN:saides10 Age:15 Why would you like to join:would like to start playing ftb again since i had 2 month break and this server sems to have a nice community Can you play frequently:atleast about 2h+ a day
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    Whitelist Server frostis [DW20][Whitelist][Hardmode][24/7]

    In-game nick saides10 Age 15 Language swedish/english Where you live sweden Earlier minecraft experience minecraft since it was late alpha and ftb for around a year Do you use IRC? yes i do Have you read the rules? yes
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    Whitelist Server Toxxic,24/7/active admins,Survival,20 slots,Whitelist

    just check the little tutorial part :) Tutorial.Power Converters is enabled so dont forget to enbale that in the launcher :) When you have downloaded the modpack from the ftb launcher press the "Edit Modpack" button and add the ExtrabiomesXL( and...