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    Open Server MiniFTB Ultimate server/open

    Server IP: A bit about the server I used to host a hardcore pvp tekkit and vanilla server. they where going quite well until sadly this thing called a life came and rudely interupted. the server fetures nice friendly staff. 24/7 uptime no suddon map resets Here is a list of...
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    Tycoon Games

    I've played a lot of "Tycoon" games. Some good "rollercoaster tycoon", some bad "prison tycoon". Currently my kids and I are getting back into Zoo Tycoon 2. I'm going through all the challenges because I like unlocking things and I'm working on the endangers species challeges so I can unlock a...
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    One of the reasons that I'm still playing minecraft is because of the mods. Skyrim has some awsome mods too, as well as the other games in the Elder Scrolls series. Add 1 or 2 mods and its like a whole new game. Get tired of them, then add a few more mods. + the mods are by the people playing...