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    Casual Server 1-2 spots left Crash landing

    id be willing to join love crash landing age 18 male skype:murawski21/minecraftplayer19
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    Casual Server Crash Landing Server!

    im up for it im 18 know somebit of the mods and my skype is murawski21/minecraftplayer19
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    Looking for Mature Gamers

    i can do cs go ,ftb and regular vanilla minecraft thats really it i have team speak and skype age 18
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    3rd Party Mod Pack, Crash Landing. Looking for people to play with.

    ill join in skype:minecraftplayer19
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    Looking for 1 person for crash landing

    same thing here feel free to add me skype is minecraftplayer19 im in est and im 18