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    Back (Again?!?)

    Hey guys, some of you might (probably won't) remember me. I was an active member at the FTB Forums and have decided to return again. Watch out for a new modpack in the coming days!
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    I have reterned!

    So, you may remember me from about 4 months back. In around 4 months i have been extremely inactive on the FTB Forums but i do not know why. Just wanted to let everyone know that i am back and am working on a new mod!
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    Request Can 2GB Run A FTB Infinity Server?

    The question is in the title. Can 2GB Run A FTB Infinity Server?
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    Trident: The War

    Trident: The War! Today, i am starting the new trident modpack. And i want to share my adventure with you! You can join me to as i am playing on a server. The Server I hope to see you in the battle for victory!
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    Prison Architect: What have you been doing recently?

    What have you been doing on prison architect recently? Post here!
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    Flooded - The Island Survival Pack

    NOTHING IS FINAL, THINGS WILL CHANGE Welcome To Flooded - The Island Survival Pack This modpack is in development and is scheduled to release on the 5th December 2015 The breeze slow just a normal day in the world everyone lived in. The water started to ripple and that was when it started...
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    [1.7.10] Yogcraft Reborn - The 1.4.7 Yogcraft Modpack, Updated!

    Yogcraft Reborn What is Yogcraft Reborn? Yogcraft Reborn is a re-creation of the old 1.4.7 Modpack Yogcraft. It includes (mostly) all the mods the old pack included but some weren't available/updated. I created this pack as i (and many others) enjoyed the 1.4.7 pack but now no-one plays it as...
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    Terra Pack: Speedrun - Current Record 33.25 Seconds By @gunmasterzrockt

    I just thought of a great challenge for the new FTB Terra pack. A speedrun of it!!! Who can finish it the fastest??? Post in the comments your time and even a video of the speedrun!!! Current Record: 35.25 Seconds by @megaloloful
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    One Word Story

    One Word Story ------------------ The game is simple. Every user says a word and all the words fit together to make sentences that make up a story. E.g. User1: I User2: I Like User3: I Like Trains User4: I Like Trains Because User5: I Like Trains Because Trains User6: I Like Trains Because...
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    WizardCraft: Industrial Revolution [1.6.4]

    Welcome To WizardCraft: Industrial Revolution! This is my new modpack based on tech and magic! With this, anyone will enjoy as there are a wide range of mods installed. Mod List Pack Code: WCIR Do You Like Magic? Then you can create all the spells with Ars Magica 2 or create all the wands...