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    1.7.10 - Nuclear Fallout - [Unlisted][Unguided Progression][Custom mods][Challenge][Survival]

    Would love to join the server. If you have any requirements just tell me.
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    The Eclipse Project [WIP]

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    Ideas For a New Modpack

    I would love to help with this. I could brainstorm and plan for Crucible until next Sunday. And then I could work that Sunday. I get home that day. Message me. Love, Lucy
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    In west Philadelphia, born and raised...

    In west Philadelphia, born and raised...
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    I've got some building done. Two floors of the office are almost done. Love, Lucy
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    Happy again!

    Happy again!
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    I've already gotten a lot done. Things are coming along well. You can alpha test if you want. Love, Lucy
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    I'm building stuff.
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    I lost inspiration. Something I do way too much. I'm really into this one, though.
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    So, I'm a bit late to the game. Help would be nice to get this done by the deadline.Probably just forum suggestions though.
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    {Jampacked 2} Money

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    {Jampacked 2} Money

    apocalypse [uh-pok-uh-lips] a prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil. As Crossbow Inc. grew from a struggling startup to the biggest (known) incorporation in existence, you sat, controlling your company...
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    Inspiration-less, helpless, and all around dead.

    Inspiration-less, helpless, and all around dead.
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    FTB Trident Released

    Yes... finally. I've been waiting to absolutely annihilate my foes and especially my arch-nemesis, Frictia (duh duh duh)!
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    [Jam Packed 2]Rebuild [WIP]{HQM}(Magic and Tech)

    Very original idea and I can't wait to play. Just for constructive criticism because I'm a grammar dictator. Your spelling is great and you have a good variety of words. Might be good to run by a capitalization/punctuation proofreader. Besides that it looks great. Love, Lucy
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    [Jam Packed 2]Rebuild [WIP]{HQM}(Magic and Tech)

    I'll read it now. I'm just waiting to get home. So why not. Love, Lucy
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    [JamPacked 2] Absolom Lives

    Not sure about using their map. It seems like it could be plagiarism. In a sense. But there's (most likely) no copyright/trademark on FTB maps. An FTB team member is the best person to ask. Love, Lucy
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    I think Ganys Nether does. Love, Lucy