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  1. Tylor

    Few of my favourite things

    Which elements/items/mechanics in mods do you find particularly appealing? Some of mine: 1. Extra Utilities' Ender Quarry and Pump. Less lag is good! 2. Extra Utilities' builder Wand and it's cousins from other mods that make building things easier. Actually, a lot of stuff from XU would...
  2. Tylor

    Are there mods/modpacks that encourage cooperation?

    Is seems that more often than not, people play SMP as SSP - each build their own base. Or their part of the base. Are there mods that encourage more cooperation?
  3. Tylor

    Which are most useful parts of Witchcraft?

    Whitchcraft is cool, but confusing. So many stuff. Which of it is worth using, if I already have Thaumcraft?
  4. Tylor

    Cheap ME network?

    Those storage cells in AE cost hand and leg. Is there a good way to save on them?
  5. Tylor

    What's my best option to play 1.7.2 pack?

    FTB Unstable is good, but 1.0.3 is very outdated. ATLauncher's Strawbery Vanilla is more up to date, but has too little mods, I have to add and config everything by hand there. Are there other options?
  6. Tylor

    FTB Lite 2 early game

    What is the best early game tactics to get industrial ASAP? How can I speed up resource digging early game? Only quarry available is from Extra Utilities and is quite costly. Redstone Arsenal has pickaxe, but is very under-documentet, so I don't know is it really good and how to make it.
  7. Tylor

    Modpack with only open source mods?

    Is there anything like this around? Also, is it possible to cover all the needs with only open source mods? Between BC, Logistic Pipes, MFR and Modular Powersuit it seems I'd have all - logistic, processing and tools... Maybe except ore doubling :/ What else should I add?
  8. Tylor

    Feed The Block (mod idea)

    Mod that should add challenge and competitiveness to (heavily automated) SMP Minecraft. "Master Block" (or Feed-Me-Block, or Hungry Block or Root Block or whatever). Which is a world anchor (all other world anchors are disabled). It can probably do other SMP-related stuff, such as grief...
  9. Tylor

    Mystcraft grief potential

    Is it possible to effectively permakill someone with Myscraft? Like, dropping him to portal leading to void age and kill him there?
  10. Tylor

    Best way to fuel 1000 generators?

    Let's say I have 10000 IC2 generators. I have enough scaffold surplus to fuel all of them. How can I distribute scaffolds to them in a way that is 1. Cheap 2. Not laggy (in all senses) Using FTB mods (DW20, for example) + Logistic Pipes? Best way to craft all those scaffolds from wood is also...