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    QuestyCAPTCHA feedback thread

    If you encounter problems upon account creation with the CAPTCHA questions, for example answers that you believe should be correct but is not. Please reply here. If you would like to suggest new questions or removals because of the lack of context, feel free to do it here too.
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    Wiki stuffz, read this or else...

    Wiki Update It has been long since I made an announcement like this, and I am proud to say that we had made major advancements since then. First of all, we have made major changes to the way we combat spam. A new CAPTCHA system (QuestyCAPTCHA) has replaced the old reCAPTCHA system. The new...
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    Wiki poll result

    This is the result of a recent poll on the wiki: That's right, @AgentTadpole, you're very lazy lol. Thank you for participating in this poll, although this poll is just a test and a joke, I can now say that this tool will be used in future elections and paves the way to our ultimate goal of...
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    annoying thing, please do not fix

    @AgentTadpole is annoyed by your forums details:
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    Wiki Updates

    Hello everyone, I've been busy the past few days updating the wiki skin and adding various new extensions (full list at the end of the thread) that improves user experience and ease translation. The old wiki skin is can still be used by entering your user preferences and switching to the FTB...
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    Wiki Feedback

    THIS THREAD IS DEPRECATED. PLEASE POST IN THE WIKI FEEDBACK FORUM NOW IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK. Post your feedback here. To contact a specific wiki team member use the links below: @Jinbobo (Team Lead, sysop, bureaucrat) @Lawbroken (Wiki Bully) @SatanicSanta (Sysop) @Alistaire...
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    Open wiki team positions

    Before you apply Create an account on the wiki Create an account on the forums Install teamspeak The wiki IRC channel is at #FTB-Wiki on We have staff in there almost 24/7. Formatting and organization (1 member) You will be granted adminship if you apply for this position to help...
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    Forum mods are so nice

    On the wiki... we ban people for adding two line breaks on new pages. It's even automated.
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    FTB Wiki Skin

    Now that the new FTB wiki skin has been installed, please help me find bugs and design flaws and post suggestions if you have it. To use the new FTB wiki skin, please go to your user preferance by clicking on the link located on the top right of the page. Switch to the appearance tab and...