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  1. Bigglesworth

    Request Looking for a Action Bar Mod - Please Suggest

    Hey all, Looking for a mod that allows me to have multiple selections on my action bar accessible via the mouse wheel/ key cambo To explain: Currently, when you want to select something on the actionbar, you use the mouse wheel or manually press 1-9 keys. What I want is a mod that allows...
  2. Bigglesworth

    Bug (Sky Factory 2.5.3) ME System Not Seeing All Patterns (9 ME Interface but only 8 seen)

    I havent posted here in ages. Good to see this site healthy and better than ever. Due to certain LPs recently I have started up SkyFactory 2.5.3. Enjoying it so far except for a few bugs (or things I may just not understand well). This one 'bug' or whatever Im doing wrong is driving me crazy...
  3. Bigglesworth

    Looking for a Mod/Utility to List All Installed Mods

    Anyone know of something that can do this for me? All I want is it to dump a list of the currently installed mods with their version numbers. I could parse the mod directory but Im hoping there is a cleaner option, thanks.
  4. Bigglesworth

    RedPower Replacements?

    So, I'm looking for alternatives to RP, as I was addicted to them in 147. From what I've discovered thus far, microblocks is pretty much a standard now, and we have a flavors of RP logic, lighting, ore, world gen, tools and backpacks. And even frames. What I have not found are the actual...
  5. Bigglesworth

    50 New Stickies

    Its great we have more stickies, but its starting to get a little long. Can we get some consolidation? Maybe 3 or so consolidated into a FAQ & General Information [READ THIS BEFORE POSTING OR REPORTING] sort of deal? Simplicity is beautiful. <3
  6. Bigglesworth

    Biomes O' Plenty for 1.6.2

    Get it while its hot. Biome side set to 2. Default is 4 and large biomes is 6.
  7. Bigglesworth

    Windows .jar Crash Diagnose

    Is this simply an ID conflict or something more sinister?
  8. Bigglesworth

    Traincraft 4.0.0

  9. Bigglesworth

    ExtraBiomesXL vs. Biomes O Plenty vs. ? (for 1.6x+)

    So trying out Biomes O Plenty today, and the generation is lightyears ahead of ExtraBiomesXL. Ive traveled 10k in every direction in my ExtraBiomesXL world. While ive found fantastical places, the vast majority is snow, sand, plains, redwood forests and ocean. In BoP ive traveled but 1k in each...
  10. Bigglesworth

    What Mod Shows Energy Tooltips?

    For instance say Im mousing over coal, I want it to show the EU information (its 4k), what mod does this?
  11. Bigglesworth

    Please Allow Embedding of Google Spreadsheets.

    It would be a nice feature. I want to embed a spreadsheet But am unable to at this time.
  12. Bigglesworth

    1.7.x Packs Yet!? [Mindcrack/DW20/Ultimate/Lite/Horizons/Monster/Unleashed/Unhinged/Tech/Magic/etc]

    So instead of asking if FTB is 1.X.X yet and getting murdered in my sleep, I thought I'd make a spreadsheet. Currently the lists I find dont have an option (yet?) to filter by mod-pack. As I use the Mindcrack pack that's what im going to start with (omgwtfbbq more packs added). If anything this...
  13. Bigglesworth

    Command Line Arguments?

    Does FTB allow arguments if say I wanted to use a .bat file to launch the launcher but I wanted the launcher to use a different FTB folder path (different MC installs)? For example one of my FTB MC installs is at C:\Users\User\Desktop\147\Server\FTB and another is in...
  14. Bigglesworth

    Advanced Translocator

    So far this thing is more trouble than its worth, and Im hoping that is due to my own ignorance. 1. It isnt working with relays 2. It needs to be powered 3. It doesnt connect to pneumatic tubes 4. ???? 5. bankruptcy! I like the idea of these as a tool to select input side of the machine...
  15. Bigglesworth

    Greetings Fellow Minecrafters

    Hello! Been playing MC for several years on and off. First found out about it doing a search for CPU information and discovered someone in some 'simulation sandbox game' had made a working CPU with this little thing called redstone. This basically blew my mind to little bits so i downloaded the...
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  17. Bigglesworth

    These boots were made for run'n

    So for anyone that doesnt already know this, the Quantum, and I think the nano boots can sprint on water. If you lose your sprint mojo, simply sink to the bottom of the water, sprint again while underwater and come back up as you sprint and youll be running on those waves once again.
  18. Bigglesworth


    :D This thing is a dream. However... Ive now smashed open probably my 7th upgraded barrel. Anyone else have tales of woe in miscliking expensive things with this?
  19. Bigglesworth

    Quarry Needs Flavor, Show Me Your Ideas.

    I was wondering after a bit of searching and the inability to find anything; are their any mods/plans to enhance the quarry? For example, I wouldn't mind spending a lot or iridium, diamonds, chrome, tungstensteel and other endgame and/or chest-only found sort of materials or perhaps 'ancient...
  20. Bigglesworth

    Items not disappearing upon destruction

    System is Phenom II 965BE 8GB RAM on a SSD and a 460GTX GPU. Nothing else is running. MC uses maybe 20% GPU and 25-40% CPU. Problem: Ive recently started to have an issue, when I go to destroy a block as per usual, the block becomes destroyed, the sound alerts me its gone, but the graphic...