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  1. duckfan77

    Dead rules link

    The stickied post by Jadedcat in Forum games and some other locations entitled "Read Before Posting" has a dead link, to the rules. When clicking on it, the result is this.
  2. duckfan77


    Hi, I've been on these forums for a little while already, mainly to get help with my problems, but I try to help other as well when I get on. I am a big fan FTB, and have been watching the site for the whole time it was up, and the tread on the Minecraftforums before that. I was originally...
  3. duckfan77

    Windows .jar Launcher won't open packs

    When i try to open a pack made by the FTB team that is for MC 1.4, and it just greys out the edit, and launch buttons, as well as the profile selection expander: it just sits at this screen and does nothing, even if i leave it for a while. Another problem is that I can only open the...