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    FTB Forum 1.13 forge

    I've been away a little bit, have people migrated to a different forum? 113 forge is moving forward. Soon ftb modpacks will be coming. Got a notice that soon FTB forums will migrate away from curse correct? Kinda wanted to gauge how much interest this place still had.
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    I have a i5 and everything else checks out, but the i5 is 650. recommended is around i5 7000 series or something. Pretty sure thats the problem. New computer nothing on it. I can't run even van mc but a 3-5 f/s. Anything I can do, say video card or something to right the ship?
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    Want a real challenge?

    I started mc in 1.3 beta. Decided to check it out to see how vastly the difference was. -create custom mod pack on twitch launcher, doesn’t matter version. -get to mc launch screen -go to advanced options and select 1.3 beta or whatever you started with. -start a world and try to do what you do...
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    Does Advanced Rocketry work well by itself?

    Any body try to to play through with just AR by itself? Is it too choppy (as in not very suited for RF, resource problematic, resource managment and logistics)? I was going to explore AR with the complete suite of Thermal mods with red arsonal. Didn't know if power in space is too pathetic, or...
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    Any word on when the DW 1.12.2 pack drops?

    how much ram is recommended? like 3GB or 32 GB?
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    Astral Sorcery

    Looks cool. Very dynamic. Fun in creative, expansive in survival. My head hurts picking up this mod and getting my head around it though. Working at night is laughingly difficult. Might take a few play throughs to flesh it out properly.
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    Age of Engineering notes

    fun so far... 1) are there chickens or eggs? or only from a high end bee that doesn't come until mid game?
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    Is there any problem using 1.10.2mods in 1.11.2?

    Just wondering if I can slide Immersive Engineering 1.10.2 into a 1.11.2 instance and not rock the world.
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    Curse launcher offline

    Is there a hidden exe or something to launch the minecraft instance of my curse modpack that I can use while not going to the curse launcher? If you are online the curse launcher, while still a heap of garbage constantly being sprayed with febreeze of communication crap I'll never use, works...
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    Farming Valley 1.10.2 Modpack

    Big question, how do I get more hearts. (The pack restricts you to a few hearts) On hard, you are allowed only 3 hearts. I'm supposed to get 10 hearts and I don't know how.
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    Refined Storage disk vs storage block

    What is the difference, pro vs con between using a disk and a storage block?
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    Setting up a small vanilla server. Can't get ram above the default 100 mb ram

    I have used the command "java -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar minecraft_server.1.10.2.jar" server starts, the java consol never shows anything above less than 100mb ram used. what am I doing wrong?
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    extra utilities 2 item node mining upgrade 1.9.4

    anybody able to get it to work?
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    Endermen causing blindness

    What mod is causing endermen to give you blindness from far away and spaz teleporting after being aggro'd?
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    BloodMagic 189/190

    Is it possible to transfer wills from one tartartic gem to another?
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    Infinity Evolved Skyblock pack?

    DW20 and soryn are starting a series on this supposed pack. They say it is an FTB pack, but I don't see it at all. Is it IE with a few extra mods or is this a yet to be public pack?
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    Tinkers Construct 1.8.9 thoughts...

    3 modifiers is your cap. Paper is not an option. Materials do not have explicit modifier names (Reinforced is replaced with Something vague lol) No moss repair. New variable system for the tools (everything is percentages and I don't know what any of it means). TC bench craftible blocks are...
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    BloodMagic 1.8

    admittedly incomplete. my thoughts so far... Pro's: Great startup sword that quickly does better than a diamond. Improved textures. Little easier to get over the Tier 3 hump. Con's: Slight con as of course the mod is clearly not finished, but maybe alittle more grindy, but I'm waiting for the...
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    Thoughts on Thaumcraft 5 1.8

    Haven't seen any thread on TC 1.8. More coming. I haven't seen a place for discussion so hears mine. I think it's great. I used to get into it after everything else because it was hard to start up.
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    forge craft pack

    What is the recommended ram setting for this beast?