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    FTB Forum 1.13 forge

    I've been away a little bit, have people migrated to a different forum? 113 forge is moving forward. Soon ftb modpacks will be coming. Got a notice that soon FTB forums will migrate away from curse correct? Kinda wanted to gauge how much interest this place still had.
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    minecraft is the only thing other than small business stuff.
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    I could be wrong, but I think you went down the road of system RAM... I was referring to video card ram.
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    looking at that GPU. to free up the cpu, is 2gb good enough or should it be a 4gb? the difference is like a 100$
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    3.3 ghz i5 650 Desktop 8 ram Integrated graphic cpu Win10 pro Latest Java 8 OS 64. Not sure about java.
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    I do not have a good enough CPU for minecraft.

    I have a i5 and everything else checks out, but the i5 is 650. recommended is around i5 7000 series or something. Pretty sure thats the problem. New computer nothing on it. I can't run even van mc but a 3-5 f/s. Anything I can do, say video card or something to right the ship?
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    Modding Win10 Edition

    On one side, I believe that bedrock will take off. Playing the long game, and taking a long time to do it right. On the other side of the coin... My sig.
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    Thaumcraft 6 - combining aspects

    I do not believe this is a thing in TC 1.12. I have not been able to find a way.
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    Does anyone use IC2 any more?

    I use it for flight and for the compressor. The Induction Furnace is still the fastest smelter in the game...
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    Want a real challenge?

    It was.... I remember it well.
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    Want a real challenge?

    I started mc in 1.3 beta. Decided to check it out to see how vastly the difference was. -create custom mod pack on twitch launcher, doesn’t matter version. -get to mc launch screen -go to advanced options and select 1.3 beta or whatever you started with. -start a world and try to do what you do...
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    Does Advanced Rocketry work well by itself?

    Any body try to to play through with just AR by itself? Is it too choppy (as in not very suited for RF, resource problematic, resource managment and logistics)? I was going to explore AR with the complete suite of Thermal mods with red arsonal. Didn't know if power in space is too pathetic, or...
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    Issues with the Twitch/Curse launcher

    When I try to browse packs/mods the screen shows a No Results match your search criteria and blinks incessantly. clicking refresh does nothing. anybody experience that? anybody know what to do about that?
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    Any word on when the DW 1.12.2 pack drops?

    how much ram is recommended? like 3GB or 32 GB?
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    Astral Sorcery

    Looks cool. Very dynamic. Fun in creative, expansive in survival. My head hurts picking up this mod and getting my head around it though. Working at night is laughingly difficult. Might take a few play throughs to flesh it out properly.
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    Age of Engineering notes

    I hated that expert thing and greg tech... This grind just to grind is annoying, but I haven't stopped yet... I need an embarrassing amount of slag to make immers steel, but I can atleast use the embarrassing amount of steel to make a tool forge. I can't tell you how much I need that TiC hammer...
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    Age of Engineering notes

    beds explode? esh...
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    Age of Engineering notes

    fun so far... 1) are there chickens or eggs? or only from a high end bee that doesn't come until mid game?
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    Forestry multifarm and refined storage

    Refined Storage cable to hopper to multifarm. multifarm to hopper to refined storage cable.
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    Open Embers not working

    I know its 2 months since, but just in case... Shift right click Receptor, Right click Emitter, red signal