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    Applied Energistics and Logistic pipes comparission opinions.

    What is more cool ? What is less laggy ? What have more storage capacity per block? What have less bug ? What is the best automation system? What u prefer ?
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    Weird worldgen Direwolf20 1.6

    My world in Dirwolf20 1.6 have some elevation problems and sliced biomes, ive flyed for 2 hours and never found a mystcraft temple, minecraft village. Is it the usual or a isolated case?
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    How to taint and control tainted areas?

    How to taint? How to control taint areas? Taint jump blocks? It spread block to block or its have a big area of influence? How aesthetically use taint and move his features?
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    What rule of Ars magica 2 magic creation?

    I tried: Projectile > Aoe > Lightning > Life drain > Mana Drain. The energy ball pass over the creature without effect. Please post ur working magics for future references!
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    Is there any way to convert the old world DW20 1.5.2 in 1.6.4 DW20?

    I really dont like start from begin, because i luv to test new features only on survival.
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    What the ultimate energy source in DW20 pack?

    i sustain my entre base with 38 magmatic engines and 2 geothermal, but i think it can be the lag source of my base because i have a poor PC. I dont have a big knowlodge about all mods of 1.5 DW20 pack, and i want minimize the powerplant area. What can I do to have a high energy per area...
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    Applied energistics Continuos craft

    How create a system for always craft a item when have resources, like furnaces and torches?
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    [Doubts] Multifarm+Rubber trees

    I created a manual and a managed multifarms with rubber trees, the "arboretum" does not cut the trees (only plant) and rubber plantation not harvest the resin (only plant). I m with water full, energy full, fertilizer full, its all full and working, but the trees arent harvested or choped. Why?
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    War servers

    Why not? Almost people only want build, become rich, build more, become more rich, build more, become more rich.... Why not kill and steal with a towny system? If he die, he lost thei superduperultraitens, so become more logic lose ur things becouse resource is infinite?
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    Applied energistics quartz generation and base move.

    I have an old world and the typical problem i have is: Do I have to create a new world to be generated quartz? How move a whole base easily to another world or age? With a world anchor I keep a anchored area, but in a different age I have trouble keeping her anchored. There is another way to...
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    Why FTB is slower than MultiMC?

    When i play with the FTB launcher i have slow fps and when i import FTB big packs for MultiMC i have better fps. Why?
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    Launcher crash sometimes

    Launcher 90% times crash. [10:52:52] [INFO] in Launcher LaunchFrame.main:161: FTBLaunch starting up (version 1.2.2) [10:52:52] [INFO] in Launcher JGoogleAnalyticsTracker$ AnalyticsBackgroundThread started [10:52:52] [INFO] in Launcher LaunchFrame.main:162: Java version: 1.7.0_15...