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    [1.10.2] Sprout

    Is this project alive?
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    [1.10.2] Sprout

    Difficulty meter fill too fast, i cannot even build a a box base for store my chests without it fill 10 points. I'm beginning now and i fear have the same problem like playing Invasion modpack
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    Blood Magic in 1.8+: An in-depth look at Sentient gear

    Do sentient armor keep living armor effects??
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    [1.7.10] Journey to the Core (Hardcore, HQM)

    is normal creeper explode behind 3 layers walls?
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    [1.7.10] Void World HQM Map [270+ Quests|ProjectE|CustomNPCmod|Second place of JampackedII]

    i can repair my stone pickaxe with cobblestone, but i cant repair my stone shuriken with this, ive close my ladder doors and it dont open anymore. can someone help?
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Is dead? this site dont have any information
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    Psychoticraft 1.7.10

    Modlist and minecraft version?
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    [1.7.10]Hubris V1.6.1- HQM - 270+ Quests [Magic][Dungeons][Dimensions][Exploration] Ex-Listed!

    Is this pack based on agricraft, spend hours and hours farming for advance in HQM?
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    [1.7.10] Cacophony Inc. - Find your Voice (HQM, ~300 quests, >700 Reward Bags)

    Anyway to play this modpack using Curse?
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    [1.7.10 | Unlisted] Obscurity - Jampacked 2 Winner

    is the modpack abandoned?
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    Now Listed - Banished V 1.4.0 [Magic][Cave world][HQM][Combat][Survival]

    Trying Banished, its appear so cool, im thinking the 1 kill quest very inefficient because most times i kill more than 1 before have a chance to collect the reward. Please use a item drop to fill reputation bar instead the actual system
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    [ 1.7.10 ] SIEGED [ JamPacked2 ] [ HQM | Reikas ]

    I am playing your pack and im liking this, at begin its having more time of fun than the boring depth knowlodge about mods, please try to make more self-explanatory the key items for progression with HQM. Its a story and i want to hear more about the character ideas of what he did, so i can try...
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    I am trying to use inventory manager for craft camel pack + water bottle, but this machine dont return my empty bottle. Am i doing it wrong or its a bug?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Adventure is a game mode, there is no adventure packs inside original ftb launcher, 0 packs are non gather and build based. I don't have problems building, but "gather>craft>gather>craft" its not a adventure. All this mods items have some possibilities
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    No man, i want a ADVENTURE mod, i want to play a story with begin and end, a story mode like Portal, Bioshock, GTA... No craft and get resources challenges. Pack devs have a lot of good stories, i want to play a fps, rpg, survival or puzzle games with the minecraft power. Minecraft adventure mod...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Departed is not for adventure, you lose most of time gathering resources and building...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Looking for a adventure mode pack! Im tired of gather and craft for thousands of mods again and again! Do you know any pack for a real adventure?
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    I think Flan's mod may combine perfectly with this pack What do you think about Flan's mod in this pack?
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    [1.7.10]Running Red 2: Vampire Money[v1.2.0][Hardcore][Magic][RPG]

    I cant use tinkers weapons in M&B slot, annoying! It appear abandoned, this pack will continue?
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    [Public Pack] EPiCCRAFT 1.0.x {Progression}{Survival}

    will be continued?