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    Cannot login to personal FTB Inventions server

    Title: Cannot login to personal FTB Inventions server Launcher Version: reccomended Modpack: FTB INventions Modpack Version: 1.0.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: I've been hosting a FTB Inventions server for a few days off a friends server box, after a day or so i...
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    [Jampacked 2] City building assistince

    putting together a small team to finish off my build for jampacked! apply below!
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    [1.7.10] TBN [HQM][Survival]

    Quests/Tech/Magic/Food Pack Code: Eggs The TBN Modpack plays to the idea that a pack doesn't need to be huge to be fun. With a mod list of under sixty mods it allows for most players to experience some of the most influential mods of 1.7.10 together without need for a beefy computer. While not...
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    Custom world creation/destruction mod

    I am wondering if there is any mod that will allow me to set a custom world size and shape without changing the way the ores in the pack generate, any help is appreciated! Also looking for a mod that can variably remove blocks to a center point (i understand this one is a bit of a stretch)