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    Open 2.4.2: Travel Anchors + Staff of Traveling

    Version: 2.4.2 What is the bug: ININITY version isn't 2.4.2 but 2.5.0! I have Travel Anchor1 (=TA) behind the hill, and TA2 in house before the hill. TA1 can't see TA2 and conversely. When I pick Staff of Traveling, and I fly around the hill, and I can see both TAs. But when I stand in or...
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    Can't launch with FORESTRY! :(

    Thank you all for activity!!! :)
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    Can't launch with FORESTRY! :(

    1. Isn't modpack - I'm creating it. 2. What is pastebin please? 3. Forge I update soon, Forestry is latest... 4. Thank You! :)
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    Can't launch with FORESTRY! :(

    Now, the mods has updates. I dowload latest magic bees, and forestry. When I haven't got forestry - in your modpack missing mod. Minimal requiement - FORESTRY 4.2.5. I take forestry 4.2.5 to my modpack, and I can't load. There's a report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't be sad, have a...
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    Open 2.1.0: Multiplayer not working?! Can't conect?!

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: FTB INFINITY - EVOLVED mod: expert - verzion: 2.1.3 I have 3 PCs (1 can't run MC - hasn't got required GPU). On 2 PCs I've got a original FTB Launcher 1.4.11 (stable version), and FTB INFINITY EVOLVED 2.1.3 . On 3rd PC I've got FTB INFINITY server. I run FTB...