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    Startup Crash FTB Infinity

    Title: Startup Crash FTB Infinity Launcher Version: 1.4.3 Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: 1.10.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: I made 1 change to the Botania config and now I can't start the game. I changed the wither time to =1 as I don't want my passive...
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    APS Tokamak Problems

    I'm using the Buildcraft Advanced Power Systems Mod. I was fianally able to get the tokamak to produce power but I can't seem to get it from the tokamak to the energy store. I have two tokamaks that are fusing and taking water. I have an advanced power output pipe attached to each tokamak...
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    [ Fixed] Weird ID issue

    Ok this one is a weird one. I smelt copper and get Arcane Ash from Ars Magica. I know it's an ID conflict but I don't know how to fix it. any suggestions?
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    DW20 pack will not update to v4

    I can't get the DW20 pack to update to v4 that was released yesterday. I've completely removed ANYTHING Minecraft related from my computer and it still won't update. I downloaded the launcher and then clicked launch on DW20. You'd think I'd get v4 right away but is shows v3. It downloads and...
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    Problem Item Mismatch

    I started a new server today w/CreeperHost. I've gotten everything to work except now I'm getting an item mismatch error when I try to connect to the server. I am receiving the following error: [/COLOR] I connected to the server using WinSCP and copied the config folder from the server to my...
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    Your Ultimate Pack

    I am thinking about the Ultimate pack and the list of mods that could possibly make the cut. I am wondering what I would put in there and it occurred to me that maybe I should ask the fine, and not so fine, people of this community the same question. So, if YOU were making the pack what would...
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    I just want to tell the community that you are amazing. I spend more time reading about the imaginative and awesome solutions people come up with in their worlds. Additionally, I love how positive the forums are and I REALLY feel like I belong here. Thank you all for such a wonderfully warm...
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    Ore Generation

    I'm using the DW20 pack with several mods added (last count is 94 mods). Two of the mods I add are Metallurgy and Custom Ore Gen. I've gone through the setting for all the common world gen mods and disabled, as best I could, the multiple ore generation. Metallurgy changes the vanilla ore gen...
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    Combine UE and Magic World

    Has anyone tried to combine these two worlds? I've tried but have not had any success. I simply copied the mod folder from one to the other as well as the core mods folder. I'm probably missing something in the resources folder. I don't have any logs and such as I didn't put a ton of effort...
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    Combine Mod Packs

    Has anyone tried to combine two mod packs under the FTB launcher? For instance Universal Electricity and Magic World. If so, please explain how you made the mods work together. Additionally, has anyone added Metallurgy 2 to a mod pack? I tried but the vanilla ores were not generating. I've...
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    Error when adding a non FTB mod

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct location for this post. Please forgive If I posted in error. I am attempting to install Metallurgy 2 for FTB Beta and Magic World. Minecraft when I add the .jar to the mods folder. I believer there is a conflict with Steve's carts. Could someone...