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    Become part of my game

    As the title says. But not physically in the game cause I don't host a server or anything yet. I like the mod headcrumbs and have it in my custom mod pack. In the configuration is alot of minecraft players from ftb twitch modde rs and such. Well its nice but it also allows you to add usernames...
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    Infinite creative me storage cells

    I made a custom pack to play and test a couple mods I've never used before. As thread title reads ae2 is in. I've spent a few hours just slacking off looking for a place to call home. I've added chocolate quest mod for the dungeon creations to make the scenery a bit more lively. Well with that...
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    Interesting ae2 setups/challenges

    I personally enjoy the channels with ae2. I know a lot of people agree and a lot don't. I am curious to find out how people setup their ae2 systems. Or a challenge for people to try to simplify networks or complex as can be. I have a challenge and would like to see pictures if someone can and...