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    Minecraft Modpack freezes

    Title: Minecraft Modpack freezes Launcher Version: 1.4.11 Modpack: Regrowth / Galactic Science Modpack Version: 0.8.8 / 1.4.18 Log Link: Details of the issue: As stated in farious forums the game freezes. Effects: I can move but not access chests and inventories and such. The game does not...
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    Request mod updates for the dw20 pack

    HI forum, any chances that the dw20 pack will get an update before the 1.8? There are lots of updates in the packs mods and i realy would like a more up to date pack :D with kind regards
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    Tec focused let's play with special guests and a tutorial touch :)

    Hey FTB Fans! This is Jugg3rV with an advertising for my Let's Play schedule for Youtube :) Some short notes about me (most is in the profies, but anyways): - i am a game freak, modder, programmer, but mostly web- /game designer, SE optimizer, IT consultant, currently selfemployed - location...
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    [Horizons] pack stream, DW20 pack let's play soon

    Hey FTB Fans! This is Jugg3rV with an advertising for my stream schedule at :) Some short notes about me (most is in the profies, but anyways): - i am a game freak, modder, programmer, but mostly web- /game designer, SE optimizer, IT consultant, currently selfemployed - location...
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    Unix unexpected shutdowns on debian systems - how to increase mem?

    Hi Forum, long time no see ;) I am using FTB-Launcher at a debian system with 4 GB RAM, Sun's Java 1.6.0_26 RE 32-bit an i experienced shutdowns without any error messages. FTB / minecraft just closes and i cannot figure out why, cause there are no logs of any kind or error reports. It might...
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    Changing MCs font colors for better readable guis

    Hi Forum, I am looking for a way to change the color of the gui's fonts. With the johnsmith texture pack most block guis do not have bright backgrounds (or any at all), thus the name and information displayed in the gui is a black font with a dark background, which makes it very hard to read...
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    [Suggestion] Keep original filenames and version numbers for mods in modpack

    Hi forum, with the new xycraft update , i noticed that most of the mods don't have the version number in their filenames when installed from the modpacks. Thus, when manually upgrading files, i have to check the readmes or version properties of the files (i.e. what version of forge do i have...
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    Seperate update-function from starting the modpack

    Hi forum, it bugs me again and again that i have to start a mod pack to update it, then close it again to make my modifications to it ( namly optifine ), so i would realy love an update button for the modpacks and a start button to actually start the game.
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    Automated clay production

    Hi forum, I want to create a lot of clay, but i don't have that much rivers around. So i wanted to automate to create clay from red cobble. Anyone an idea for this. The problem is to get the buckets into the chest with a decent timer. If they are to fast, i pump out full buckets, which then...
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    [Railcraft] World Anchor / Anchor carts don't seem to work

    Hi forum, I am trying to get the first automated liquid transporttrains running, but i have some issues with the world anchor / anchor cart. I read something about a bug in railcraft that makes world anchors functionless unless you go through specific steps. Someone experienced the same? Any...
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    [UE pack] writes config and save in wrong folder

    the UE mod pack does write its config's and save directly within the launchers folder, not into the folder UniversalElectricity ... kind of annoying.
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    [TC3] First impressions

    Well, how shall i put it ... i know TC3 is kind of WIP or some prerelease ... something like that, far from finished. And i think i have all research done ... so but it bluntly, from this version of TC3 i have to say i am kind of disapointed. TC3 took a lot of ressources to get the research...
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    [Updating mod packs] Confics, selfinstalled mods and modifying packes

    You know what pisses me off? :mad: Reconfig all my mods and and reenable them in the loader over and over again after any update! I even have to close minecraft again, cause i just cannot modify the new packet before it is getting downloaded. I don't even know where the lauchner puts the...
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    [IC²] Storages not emitting redstone signals as supposed

    Hi forum, I just wondered how you handle that? The redstone signal dosn't work untill you force an update on the block as far as i figured ... But a storage shutting down a nuklear reactor if full would be nice. Guess i have to go to nuclear controll to make this happen ... Any ideas /...
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    [BC / RC]Losing steam in pipes

    Hey guys, I was wondering what causes my common steam engine only to work with 1,2 MJ / t. I used waterproof pipes to transport steam to it, about 30 block away or so. From conductive pipes i know that i loose power, but i don't know what causes the loss of 0,8 MJ in this case. Is it the pipes...
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    Biofuel - best use in steamboiler or combustion engine ?

    I talked to a guy in the chat some days ago. He had a nice programm to calculate the output of a steam tank. With this one i would like to know if it would be better to fuel a steam boiler with biofuel, or perhaps get 2 combustions running. So if you are interessted, we should do some math...
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    Keeping manually added mods while updating

    Hi Forum, The Launcher just updated. I don't know what mods it updated, but it downloaded the whole pack again and deleted the mods folder. I have to add my mods myself now, but i am not sure, which i added. Would be nice to make a mods backupfolder and / or keeping the manually installed mods...
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    [BuildCraft / Railcraft] More Pipes for Steamengines - Valve Pipes

    As i go on learning about railcraft, i was thinking about the mod valvepipes, as it was mentioned within railcrafts wiki. It basically gives more pipes to use for steam application. Is there a similar mod included in the modpack? It is found here at the minecraftforums.
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    Recipes changes from refined iron to steel !

    God damn, who switched those recipes from IC2 and others from refined iron to steel?! This means i have to go to the nether to actually progress ... luckily, it is possible to mould netherportals, so all you need is lava and water ... still i do think, going into the nether should be something...
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    [Buildcraft] Redstoneengine doesn't start

    Hi Forum, I just build a redstone engine to power some machines for startup. But it doesn't start, not with lever or redstonetorch. Everyting is setup up right but nothing happens and i am watching it for 5 min now. The engine doesn't move at all. I thought it might be a glitch in the TP so i...