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  1. Nuclear_Creeper0

    The Forum Update

    So the decision to upgrade the forum was most certainly a good one, however, the forum does look much worse than before. If I were FTB, I would make an effort to revert the forum back to its preupdate look because change is bad and consistency is good.
  2. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Request Name Change

    Now that FTB is doing things again, when they update the forum, they should enable name changes.
  3. Nuclear_Creeper0

    It's time to revive this forum

    I'm back with more jokes, the biggest joke, however, is the amount FTB cares about their website and forum.
  4. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Mojang released a test version for a new combat system I like it a lot, any thoughts?
  5. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Continuum, What went wrong?

    I said, months ago, after we got the first looks at Continuum through Youtubers. I said it was going to be a disappointment and I was right. Direwolf20 himself stopped playing the pack, that says something. @LordPINE recently made a pack called A Polychromatic World. It's more difficult than...
  6. Nuclear_Creeper0

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH - Found A Tweet Combat overhaul, again? All I know is that if they remove the off-hand, I'll riot.
  7. Nuclear_Creeper0

    New Thread Cooldown Reductions to Counter Spammers

    The spamming has gotten quite bad recently so, in order to counter them, I propose. Different cooldowns for how often you can make posts. The majority of discussion happens in the Ask Me a Simple Question thread anyway. A legitimate new person comes into either A. Ask a question. Or B Report a...
  8. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Full List of Known 1.13 Code Changes + Some Amazing Changes

    A list of things mod developers will need to change and some of my personal favorite things. Full list of changes here - The Flattening changes a bunch of block states and values - The World Generation...
  9. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Alright FTB Continuum

    My opinion has changed. You're not bad, but not good either. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing which sets it apart. When I'm choosing a game or pack to play, I ask myself, why is this GAME better than that game? Right? What makes this game better than that game? Continuum...
  10. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Unnamed Pack - Conceptual Phase

    I've begun conceptually developing a modpack. Here's the currently assembled modlist, 1. Astral Sorcery 2. Mekanism 3. Embers 4. Roots 2 5. Nuclear Craft 6. Advanced Generators 7. Actually Additions – Canola Disabled 8. Abyssal Craft 9. Calculator 10. Environmental Tech 11...
  11. Nuclear_Creeper0

    A Pointless Rant + FTB Continuum Currently Known Mods

    FTB Continuum is looking like its going to be a bigger disappointment than the DC Cinematic Universe. So far here's the currently assembled mod list: This list was collected from Youtubers and a document Journey Map JEI Thermal Expansion + Friends EFab Extreme Reactors Immersive Engineering Tech...
  12. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Modded in 1.13?

    I know kinda the expectation was modded was going to settle into 1.12 for a couple of years. But wow, the snapshots are looking really really good. Buried Treasure, new multi-blocks, dolphins, sunken ships, and a ton more. Part of me wants a new 1.7 style era with tons of mods and such but part...
  13. Nuclear_Creeper0

    OP FTB Pyramid Trick

    Warning: May Be Patched The Resource Generator Uses 2,000 RF to make One Charcoal, One Charcoal in a Furnace Generator makes 16,000 RF. You can create a system using transfer pipes and an energy cell to have infinite charcoal and infinite power.
  14. Nuclear_Creeper0

    FTB Continuum Thoughts

    No, not playing it. The inclusive of Tech Reborn is questionable at best. @GamerwithnoGame made this clear in @Closet Gamer's discord. Its a bug filled mod that doesn't work sometimes. As for recipe changes, I do not approve of things like 1 log into 2 planks and 2 planks into 2 sticks. This is...
  15. Nuclear_Creeper0

    FIRST Aquatic Update Snapshot

    It has turtles. I like.
  16. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Post a Random Fact about Someone on the Forum

    Find a fact about someone on the forum and post it here. @Quetzi actually works for Cubecraft. Who knew.
  17. Nuclear_Creeper0

    My loss of faith in humanity

    It felt like a good idea for me to make a thread documenting my slow loss of faith in humanity. For the history books about how the world came to be what it is for future generations. :D A forum thread,
  18. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Mods on Bedrock?

    When will it happen? I can't imagine a phone being able to run an FTB Style pack.
  19. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Question about Optifine?

    Why isn't it standard included in FTB Packs, anyone that comes on here and asks, "How do I improve my FPS?" And the first thing everyone says is, "Add Optifine." So why isn't it just like in there by default like FTB Utils is.
  20. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Request Need Packs and Maps

    I'm giving up on this game. I love its openness and customization ability but it can't compete with other games I've recently begun playing mainly Overwatch. I haven't seen any spectacular modpacks in the last year and maps are just the same things like Find the Button put together with new...