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  1. Pyure

    To Be Continuud.

    Who's checking out Continuum? I'm checking it out (possibly to steal ideas) and I'm already coming up with various questions, so I figured a conversation on the pack is a good place to start. Anyone know what OreExcavator is in the pack for? A bunch of stuff is blacklisted in the config for...
  2. Pyure

    Yellow chest not accepting furnace generator

    This may be more of a general inquiry than a tech one. What does it mean if the chest for the Yellow team (mine, single player) does not accept a furnace generator? I tried in one of the other chests and it works fine there. Did I break my chest somehow?
  3. Pyure

    Climbing Rope Duplication

    Title Climbing Rope Duplication Launcher Type Curse App Modpack Sky Factory 3 Modpack version 3.0.6 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue When vein mining climbing rope, if there are more than 6 blocks of it, each block over 6 will duplicate. In...
  4. Pyure

    Who knows how to spell OpenComputers

    I'm hoping to garner some very entry-level answers to entry-level questions on OpenComputers. About me: I've used ComputerCraft in the past to do simple programs. I am a professional developer (C#, Go for the most part these days) and understand programming principals I dislike learning from...
  5. Pyure

    TC 4.2 Mana Beans inquiries

    Greetings folks, Couple questions about Mana beans: * Are there methods other than Lamp of Growth that will speed up their growth? * If I'm using Lamps of Growth, will they "focus" their attention on specific beans if I remove any other grow-able stuff from the vicinity? (This is more of a Lamp...
  6. Pyure

    Tinkers Constructs 1.10+

    Greetings folks, I'm just opening up a quick dialogue about the newer versions of Tinkers Construct so I can learn more about the mod. A lot has changed. It used to be the focus was primarily on modifiers: you always added paper, and then you always added a bunch of redstone, either silk or...
  7. Pyure

    Botania crashes upon placing runic altar

    Title: Botania crashes upon placing runic altar Launcher Version: v1.4.3 Modpack: FTB Infinity Evolved (Expert) Modpack Version: v2.3.5 Log Link: Details of the issue: Attempting to place a runic altar on the ground instantly crashes game to desktop. A few...
  8. Pyure

    PneumaticCraft Drone Programming

    Anyone played much with PneumaticCraft drones? I'm trying to find sample drone programs I can learn from. I'm particularly interested in teaching them to quarry an area in a useful fashion (getting them to mine is easy, but getting them to return damaged/chargeless tools is proving trickier)
  9. Pyure

    Java Runtime Crash

    Pack: Infitech2 (Third Party) 1-2 weeks ago I started getting a crash-to-desktop a few seconds after loading into a world on the infitech2 public server. I've tried: Updating Forge Updating Java Updating video drivers Downgrading Java (I forget to what version, possibly not early enough?)...
  10. Pyure

    Werewolf: The Purification - Game Thread

    GAME WON BY VILLAGE Please do not post here if you are not playing this Werewolf game. I will accept new players until the game starts (in around 6 hours). Please do not post here until the game begins (when I say.) Familiarize yourself with the roles and rules; I've made minor modifications...
  11. Pyure

    Werewolf - The Purification - Signup Thread

    This is a werewolf game, a bit of a throwback to (somewhat) simpler mechanics, but with a twist: the good guys are the bad guys. Suck on that, villagers. See for basic rules and how a game runs if you're not aware. Rules...
  12. Pyure

    Electricraft: Briefer on Resistors

    I actually didn't intend to make a thread for this, but I can't seem to get images to work in private conversations. So, moderators, feel free to move this to somewhere more appropriate as necessary. I was asked recently for a quick briefer on how resistors work. First, I should mention that...
  13. Pyure

    Big Reactors: getting one's feet wet

    At some point this week I'm probably going to look at Big Reactors in the 3rd-party pack I'm playing these days (see my signature) What would be the simplest Big Reactor design to get started with? Unlike most threads, I'm not looking for "the best." Conversely, I almost want the weakest...
  14. Pyure

    Biome soil-sampling mod?

    I'm in a bit of a need of a mod that I'm surprised I can't find. Anyone know of a mod that essentially reports what sorts of ores and such exist in the targeted biome? Ideally it wouldn't be 100% precise, but would instead report proportions or chances to find a given ore in that biome. I...
  15. Pyure

    ReactorCraft again - This time with Breeders

    Extended my power generation again. Here's my updated nuclear power station. On the left you can see my 16-core fission reactor closest to you (powering an HP and LP turbine). These days its running on Plutonium. You can make out some turbines to the right. Close up on the far end. These...
  16. Pyure

    GT modpacks - good ones?

    I've decided my next world will be a GregTech one. I'm hoping someone can direct me to a modpack (private, public, whatever) that generally focuses on GT. I'm particularly interested in ultra-annoying levels of recipe difficulty. For those that despise GT, assume I hate myself and happiness...
  17. Pyure

    Electricraft: Relay workarounds

    As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of @Reika's ElectriCraft addon to Rotarycraft. It has a pleasantly realistic electrical system that nicely compliments Rotary, and fills in some gaps in a fun fashion. It also has a ridiculously generous (and expensive) energy storage block... Sadly its...
  18. Pyure

    Horizons - Memory leaks

    My Horizons world is essentially unusable these days: after several minutes of play, on F3 I can see the memory (2GB assigned) cycling from 80-99% and then lagging at 100%. I place blame nowhere. My game is modified thusly: Removed: most magical mods besides magical crops Added: ElectriCraft...
  19. Pyure

    ReactorCraft - Early reactors

    Greetings and salutations, I've set up a couple standard fission reactors in previous worlds, but in my early/mid game I have going, I don't quite have enough refined uranium for that (I'd like 9 pellets to run a single 3x3 core cycle) I'm considering one of the other reactor types but...
  20. Pyure

    Harvesting magical crops: Horizons Ed.

    Anyone have a preferred way to harvest magical crops in Horizons? I'm finding a RotaryCraft fan handles some or most, but ignores many. Essence crops, for instance, may as well not exist. Tried excessive power levels (a couple versions ago anyway).