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    Spawn into a mystcraft age by default?

    I read that XCompWiz is making more server config options, I think we should see if there are any plans to make something like this readily available.
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    Spawn into a mystcraft age by default?

    Is there a way (on a server) to set it so that new players spawn in a mystcraft age meant for a spawn, then can go through a portal to the overworld?
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    Windows .exe Network is unreachable eror when trying to load the modpack

    FTB Launcher v1.0.1 Minecraft 1.4.x Java 7 x64 Bit Whenever I run the launcher, whether it be JAR or EXE, the modpack fails to load, as does the news. When looking at the console, it comes up with this: [ERROR] Exception during reading modpackfile [INFO] From Console: