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    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    10 Well might as well contribute after finding this :eek:
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    Problem FTB University Extra Utilities Fluid Transfer node Note picking up water

    Hello, I'm playing FTB University, Trying to setup a Fluid Transfer node as a water pump, it has a Mining upgrade, and an infinite source underneath, but it doesn't pick up and transfer the water (its connected to a Mekanism Electrolytic Separator), Was wondering if it is disabled in the pack ?
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    Add mods to direwolf20 1.6.4?

    Not sure if the original version still being updated, but This seems like a pretty good alternative (not sure if its any good though)
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    Add mods to direwolf20 1.6.4?

    For higher Tier monsters you need more Crystallized soul Essence, I believe you need 5 for a creeper, blaze and skeleton soul shard. But you can reuse them for as many soul Cages as you'd like